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We may only have a few years between us, and we find ourselves more and more on the two sides. The child, the work, the household, and perhaps we do not even remember the romantic mansion of the time. We should spend more time together, but how?

Dance with me!

Stepping together, feeling the music, the rhythm, it's fantastic with an occasional dance partner, but with the one we love! If you find the right dance for you - be it nipple, latin, rock'n'roll or circling - you can be sure to forget some nappies, light bulbs, work worries or maternity. It's just us and the music. As ever, when we first look at each other in love.
It's okay if none of us dances. Countless dance school, dance hall with open gates, no age limit. We've learned a couple of months, and we know the basics. Anyone who is not so shy about enrolling in an entire course can look at one for free, or try out for a couple to see if they are looking for another style. In some dance schools, you may choose to spend time in the open, so you don't have to "go" on specific days, but you can follow the rhythm of your child, babysitter, workplace and couple.
For those who are attracted to the neptune, look for a dance club where dance education precedes the "party". To start with the best dances in Széchenyi, Miskolc, Danubian or Satmar, it will soon be successful, after a few occasions you will not have to pay so much attention to our feet and enjoy the dance freely.
If we are out of the first few weeks of study, we may be on our own feet. There are many clubs, dance schools and community center programs that can suit you in style.


Yes, a little power off again. Even for a long weekend, we can disappear from the eyes of the world, of course, only if our baby is not yet born, or big enough to be trusted for another time. Huge supply, let's search for our own temperament and wallet.

Vidskiy romance - rural tourism

If you are not in need of luxury but in a comfortable, cozy environment, look for a destination where you can have nice walks or longer trips. It may be an ideal choice for Hungary's most southern wine region. Lightning and the surrounding area of ​​the Mecsek hills provide a year-round amusement environment. Ideal for a relaxing, quiet, rechargeable weekend. For three days the breakfast with breakfast is 10 000 HUF.

Wellness - physical and mental refill

Those who seek a relaxation, relaxation and relaxation can visit a wellness hotel, thousands of travelers in our country. If you just want to enjoy the services of the hotel, you should choose a higher category, where everything can be achieved from the spa to a variety of massages. If the countryside can come, let us think about where we are going. Tapolca meets all your needs. Lovely, the easy access to the city center is the Spring Cave and the bath attracts a lot of visitors. At the wellness hotel located in the city center, for two main nights is about 50 000 Ft one night.

In a distant city

Whoever spends more on a relationship-warming weekend, and a lifetime of living, get on a low-cost machine, and control the big world! It is important to know that the prices of discount airlines are extremely volatile. If you book well in advance and be flexible about your travel time, you can save thousands. Do not forget about airport charges as this will multiply the ticket price. Of course, on such a "long weekend" you won't be able to see all the sights of a metropolis, but you could still be charged for months in downtown Andalucia, a cocktail spilled on the terrace of a cozy café.

Confident touch

When is someone rocking me? - we could ask for our hundredth rested night with our baby in our arms. Not only does the baby need a warm, safe touch, we as adults want to rest in our family's arms. Let's do a delicious massage! Wouldn't you? Well, of course. But how can I ask for this, since she's tired, rushed, and here's the baby, she can disturb me at any time ... But why not be a massage at a cost? And why should you take so long? And why can't we learn effective, pleasant forms of massage ourselves? Today, there are countless books on this, but we can also find a partner massage course where you can combine shorter and longer-lasting techniques, body, face and foot massage.
Partner Massage can scare many people into thinking they are trying to train a man for sexual acts. Of course, there is also this: I call it a sensual partner massage that moves the full potential of sexual organs. But that is not the purpose of the partner massage itself - but it may be the result. The care given to the spouse and given to him by a caring, relaxed, healing mind contemplates affection, ignites love.
A lesser known form of massage is shiatsu, which relieves tension by relieving tension by pressing on the acupuncture points of the body. "Shiatsu" is widespread in many countries among family members, mothers "dissolve" children 's learning problems, husbands' headaches, and husbands' stress at work. I think with the right technique, the perfect one-on-one turn and touch magic is the limit.
Partner Massage Course:, tel: 06 1 266 2462
Shiatsu Treatment and Education:, Tel: 06 70 9474 012

Spiritual recharge

If you say poem, I say: The car goes ... if you say music, I say: Little duck bathing ... How long can this go on? We have already forgotten what we talked about in old movies, books, how much we played and laughed with our friends. It is not worth waiting for our children to grow up and bring us back to the Mosul Masan and the cultural products intended for the big ones, Mom is the Potty Pann, and Dad is putting on the Harness. Take the time and energy to enjoy the world of grown-ups with your couple, embark on a spiritual or aesthetic adventure.
They also have an incredible offer of cultural centers for smaller settlements. You can buy a movie, theater or concert ticket so that the laziness of the "we'll go off together" decision is over. If you were a "party couple" and missed out on the company, think twice about going back to your old friends' lives once in a while. If we do not want or have the opportunity to do so, we will call our friends with whom we have a very similar life cycle (that is, they will not be surprised to find a matchbox in the cooler).
One Card Party, Home Table Tournament, Activity or Poker Party, Killer or Show It Now! you can breathe soul into the diaper between the mother and the chased father. They can rediscover how interesting, funny, witty, smart, smart, and fellow they are, the most important thing: you and him! Let's dust it off with our favorite high school summer mugs, or if we can't remember them, check back!
Furrum about company games
Jim Glenn - Carey Denton: Family Fun Treasury (Kossuth Edition)


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