Open letter to a mother of two

Open letter to a mother of two

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I saw you in the store today. I saw the exhaustion on your face and the slight twinkle in your eyes when you had to say to your fifteen in the fifties: no.

I watched you assemble it and justify your carrying on your shoulder. I noticed you pushing the basket between the rows with slow steps. Probably because you felt like being out of the house is not easy and it has thousands of dangers. I saw you today and I remember. I remembered when I was living with this two children, when the exhaustion of the inexplicable days was completely occupied by me. everything will be fine.There will be days You're just overand you just want everyone to live the day around you, safely and well. When the bigger one messes up, the little one just wakes up when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a dirty pile of dirt and a kid-made cupcake. And if your couple goes home with a carafe of melon and just a pizza box on the table instead of the frustrating cook. That's okay.Sometimes you wake up with a plan for the whole day: clean it, even cook! Or you're just finishing something you start! Sometimes they can be solved, but the vast majority of cases involve a full-fledged "diaper rash" that a mousetrap of a world size dreads, and a natural catastrophe is crowned. you release your voice. No matter if it takes longer than usual to fold your clothes while you're just trying to clean the biscuit from the carpet. Sometimes you will feel awful because of the comments from these moms. If you put out a picture of what the little one is eating on the ground, you will be reminded of the dangers of cleaning the floor. And if you despise them for such moments: NOT BAD. Sometimes you are acting irrationally with your partner, and you lose all consciousness because you have to leave home and you are alone with the children again. And when you finally move out, you go out having fun with your friends, you don't feel good, you can't dissolve. Either because it's so tired or because you have a sense of guilt over it a couple of owls were able to get rid of the kids. That's no problem. There will be moments when you stumble upon wineries and wisdom to: Enjoy every moment! Kids grow up so soon you can't even grasp it! It will once again be a failure ...! Now these are the moments when you become both angry and sensible at the same time. Angry because you're overwhelmed or full of good advice and guilt because there are days when you don't really enjoy being with your kids. But believe me, that's okay. The best I can say to you, as you wander between the frozen goods in the shop aisle, is that this whole educational time will be much easier. And on those days, when you feel like it, you fail, believe me: you are really right.EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. And one day you will say the same thing to another. (VIA)They may also be interested in:
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