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Sugar in breast milk protects babies from mortal infection

Sugar in breast milk protects babies from mortal infection

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There is a type of sugar that is found in some women's milk and which is a defense against the deadly streptococcus B, according to a recent study.

Sugar in breast milk protects babies from mortal infection

This is the bacterium that causes the most common meningitis in the newborns and the first three months of infancy. This is an important result because the bacterium is a particular can also cause cerebral inflammation. Brain stroke is one of the most common infections worldwide in infants younger than three months, and infections are often fatal. three bubbles are detectable, but it doesn't necessarily hurt your mothers. During breastfeeding and during breastfeeding, the baby may be affected. The seriousness of the problem shows that women living in the United Kingdom who are at risk of being threatened may also request a bacterial test in the weeks before childbirth on medical advice. Even though there is always a chance of an infection immediately before birth, it is possible to prepare for treatment, the British researchers have examined 183 women with breast milk and their children. Each woman's milk is made up of other sugars, including a type of sugar (lacto-N-difucohexaose) that protects against streptococcus B, women have a significant part. By its very nature, the harmful bacterium is cleared from the body and the baby's bowel disease is healthy, so that cerebral inflammation can be avoided. Experts believe that breast milk sugars can also protect against other infectious diseases.


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