Cyst in the ovaries

Cyst in the ovaries

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There are two cases of dysfunctional fertility disorders, which - according to a study by letters from HomePatika - are often confused by specialists:

Cyst in the ovaries

Both are cystic in the ovaries, but the pathophysiology, course, and even the consequences (for example, in terms of possible childbirth) of the diseases that they exclude are quite different.

Slight receptors

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is predominantly circulatory insulin-betegsйg, half of your aftermath appears. Its typical symptoms are elhнzбs, the masculine distribution, increased hair growth, both with extreme ovarian enlargement, degeneration of multiple cysts, and rare (Apply 2-4 times a year And the factory (up to 1-2 days) vйrzйsek. Each ovary is ovoid in size, high in thickness, with 6-8 cysts on each side of the body. The cause is the insensitivity, resistance, and resistance of the tissue to the dominant insulin. This results in high levels of insulin, glucose metabolism and poor blood glucose control. High levels of insulin result in male hormone overactivity, which causes characteristic symptoms such as acne facial skin, hair loss, and seborrhoea. These symptoms are usually attributed to the use of an oral contraceptive, which can alleviate them, but it is not suitable for the treatment of the underlying disease. It is also important to explain that the disease is occurs at puberty. There is no ovulation, no corpus luteum with PCO. The sick bear. PCO suppresses ovulation at extremely high levels of male hormone production, prevents pregnancy. PCOS Contrary to popular belief not just women's disease! The same, the insulin receptors йrzйketlensйgйt, kцzvetve is tъltermelхdйsйt okozу gйnhiba the fйrfiaknбl shows in the fйrfihormon metabolic X szindrуmбnak known tьnetegyьttesben at high vйrnyomбssal, elhнzбssal, diabetes, zsнranyagcsere disorders, йrelmeszesedйssel.A tьnetek kцzьl the fйrfiaknбl the szхrцsцdйs termйszetesen not feltыnх but typical apple-type obesity yes: patients draw on breasts, abdomen, face, full-bodied, red-faced people with relatively thin legs. Generally, you are at high risk of dying at a relatively young age from some cardiovascular event. PCOS total the populations are affected by it.The megbetegedйst jelzх important laboratуriumi available csцkkent glucose tolerance: when the impregnated йhgyomorra sugar solution elfogyasztбsa utбn kйt not normalizбlуdik sugar levels уrбval because the receptors are not mыkцdnek megfelelхen.Sokбig the policisztбs ovбrium betegsйget drastic beavatkozбsokkal prуbбltбk deal: pйldбul eltбvolнtottбk the petefйszkek felйt to a time to spontaneous ovulation. If she had become pregnant during this time, she was lucky, but in such cases, the ovulatory induction she tried was unsuccessful. gyуgyszerto repair the sensitivity of insulin receptors (metformin). It was originally invented for the treatment of old age diabetes, but PCOS is now a sovereign drug. It efficiently regulates the function of the receptors, spontaneous ovulation starts, and even sick women can become pregnant. Naturally, there are conditions for taking this medication, and using metformin is a responsible specialist task.

"Overnight lung" syndrome

True PCOS is much rarer than they are supposed to be: PCOS is regularly confused with non-cracked "follicular" syndrome (follicularulus persistence). In this case, the follicle breaks down, but does not crack or ripen in the corpus luteum. This is a variation on the side, and they mix the unpaired follicles themselves with the cysts. Typical stress disorder. It can also cause obstruction, increased hair growth, which is never as pronounced as in PCO. It is not congenital, so the patient can have a child, unlike PCO, which is predominantly infertile. Bleeding can also be rare in folliculus persistence, but it is typically severe, overgrowth, painful, clotted, with peculiar lacerations and fluffy fluids. one) the ovaries will be filled with unbroken follicles, which "live on" in cystic form. While the meninges are becoming more sensitive to menstruation, while treating the true PCO like old-fashioned diabetes (since the problem is also insulin receptor-deficient), it may spiritual healing. The data subject must accept that they are not ill and will become pregnant, if not immediately: resolving illness awareness is a major step forward in stress resolution and thus healing.

Diagnosis of Elliptin

There are laboratory results that can typically distinguish between two diseases. For example, PCOS has a consistently high level of luteotrophic hormone (LH), even though "overexpression lung" means that high levels of LH may not be detected for more than one day of the cycle in the absence of ovarian : if in the last days of the cycle, the neck of the canal under the microscope shows a characteristic parrot leaf pattern, then the ovary follicle syndrome is proved, as there is no follicular rupture, no progesterone, only estrogen. If there is no foliage pattern, the neck canal is closed, the neck cannot be won, which is a symptom of PCOS. cardiovascular diseasebecause poor metabolism damages the price system. "Overweight lung disease", on the other hand, increases the risk of certain cancers: such as cancer, myoma, Transparent neck canal gives free path to infections.Related articles in PCOS: