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Upload Your Baby Photo And Win!

Upload Your Baby Photo And Win!

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You'll see the winners of our first game on the title page for the next two weeks. Do you want to see your baby here? We've summarized what you need to do!

Upload your baby's best photos for two weeks every month!
Once you have uploaded, you can start voting!
NYEREMЙNY: At the end of the second week, the top 10 photos will be added to the next issue of Pregnant Mama, and will be posted on the baby's title page for the day. Each round of the Baby Photo Contest lasts for two weeks, we count one vote per turn and you cannot vote for your own figure.
Now we are looking for daddy photos, and in the coming months you could name these topics:
August: Evйs
September: Alvбs
October: Grandma
We look forward to more wonderful pictures as all babies are beautiful!