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After researching myself for information, I first became involved with the Alternatal Foundation's Parenting Course when I was with my second son. Now that someone in my tummy is growing again, I'll be a frequent vendor again.

A week of information
The power of the female body
The purpose of the interviews is to help parents to design their children's circumstances with the utmost care and knowledge. In the first part of our series of articles on the one-week course, we would like to give you a comprehensive picture of what is happening in this short time. The Alternatal Foundation's Parenting Course is primarily for couples who choose to have a home birth. The course will primarily prepare you for parenting, no matter where you are, as it is important that more children feel good both physically and mentally.
I did not accidentally call it a conversation. Usually, we live in a big cushion, say some thoughts, or just listen, and at the same time the other person breaks something that is suddenly important and makes everyone think. Most importantly, one learns to ask. Not only did Nára Mailáth attend a parenting training course at her chosen hospital. He gained a lot of useful knowledge, and he was often overwhelmed by his lack of information.
"I didn't get a real answer to the inquiries I was most excited about," he says. - For example, we were unsuccessfully asked how much to hurry to the hospital when the birth was begun. We didn't get an exact answer. On the other hand, during the information week, I have explained in detail how the density of the eagles indicates the progress of the birth, and what the color of the amniotic fluid means exactly. This one week also helped my boyfriend. She used to be reluctant to be with me during her birth. However, he later changed his mind and during the course he was convinced of the importance of having a supportive presence for women. From the untrammeled sharing of information, parenting films have had an elementary power on me. I felt that parenting was only "in another condition" and could really be done. And with this changed state of mind, getting to know something was extremely exciting. Perhaps parenting is the hardest thing to talk about in this "spiritual" part, and nowhere else has it been, although it should be done.
"The week has a set program for each day," explains dr. Gerbé Bnes is the mother of the course, the course leader. - We want to prepare couples not for home birth but for an informed decision. We often find that there is not enough knowledge behind the decision that has been made, and we find that they are not looking for us or the homeowner, but for the home-creating community. My colleague, Katalin Domjnnn Harsabnyi also played an important role in the development of the program. The most important goal is for everyone with information to find the path that is most secure for them. Because that is the basic prerequisite for good birth.
A week of information
Héffn Gerbie Bbn introduces her to the secrets of pregnancy care. They discuss what the purpose of the exam is, what it is about what to do with the result. You also fall for the risks, as there are also tests that can pose a risk to the fetus or the outcome of the pregnancy. It also reveals the details that you should pay special attention to during your birth: for example, toxemia, tail, twin pregnancy, premature birth and so on.
There are also benefits, disadvantages, and risks of any medical intervention during childbirth. Learners will learn what medications, instruments and procedures are used in the birthing routine. What does oxytocin do for example, how does the analgesic effect on the newborn, why and when surgery is performed in the hospitals, what natural postures are affected, and how does the natural process work?
On Tuesday, dr. Psychiatrist Julia Frederick, the mother of a child, a baby prodigy, calls first and foremost the attention of fathers to the characteristics of the "mother". "There is nothing more important than paying attention to the butter woman," she says. If the couple is planning a mid-term birth, it is very important that the father has the same knowledge of birth as the mother, because it is difficult to reconcile with a woman in childbirth. There is also a gymnastics session on Tuesday, where you can get to know the poles who are doing hospital and home births.
On Wednesday, Karl Bobbin explains what happens immediately after birth and the first day after birth, what examinations are done and what vaccinations he receives. He also explains what the newborn looks like and how much the newborn knows.
On Thursday, Gerbé Gerbe explains the process of birth, paying special attention to the spiritual experiences in the community, the experiences of two thousand home birthers and other hospital parents. This is the moment when anything can be raised, "inexplicable" topics can be avoided, such as the proximity of birth and death, seemingly far away points. Many women's inquiries, the magnitude of the pain, and the bearability of it all come to light. There are more films being shot in Southern that are about the natural beauty, the fearfulness, and the other condition that women overlook at this time.
On Fridays, Judit Szõdy (who is a psychologist and breastfeeding specialist in our paper) talks about what factors help a mother to breastfeed her baby a lot, and what to do with it. Perhaps the preparation course also participates in the fact that participating women breastfeed very long, on average, for another year.
Deeluten couple groups start. This is probably the most special, least standard part of the preparation course. I consider the presence of couples extremely important because, in their experience, rarely has a real medical reason for a birth defect, with mental illness in the background. Each of the pair groups offers the potential for these psychic factors to come to fruition and possibly dissolve.
The power of the female body
"I had two children and was pregnant with the third," says Baksa Munika, "when I was enrolled in the Alternatal Foundation training course. I thought I couldn't say new ... so I listened to the information week lectures all the way through. We are encouraged to pay attention to the messages of our own body, we know what it means, not to be warned by others. For this, we have received specific advice. Here, I realized that the AFP exam, for example, is superfluous to me because I would keep my child even if any abnormalities were detected. I can say that the spirit of the course has fundamentally influenced our later life. After two typical hospital births, I returned my faith in the female body, the power of my own body. Because it was completely different from my own power to give birth to my third child at home, just as in the hospital when two doctors pushed my baby out of my stomach.
"We share with the participants the knowledge that we have," Gerben Bgnes points out, "because knowledge is a power to live and to return to." With the knowledge you have, the wall falls between the professional and the prospective couple. Perhaps this is an important distinction if you want to compare our parenting course with other similar courses. During the conversations, not only do I share my knowledge with the adventurers, they also give me ideas to live and eat. I just asked a pregnant woman that she was, and she said so simple and so surprising. He chose a round world - sentences like this carry me forward.
Framed: The Parenting Course is priced at $ 100 per day and can be paid for in a lump sum or in any amount.