Guides that are comfortable, practical and beautiful? Yes!

Guides that are comfortable, practical and beautiful? Yes!

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"During my first pregnancy, I was given a usable diversion, which often annoyed me rather than gave us some protection," recalls Evelin (35), who, with her second baby, tried a new product, which is very good.

If a pregnant mother wants to keep herself and her baby safe while in the car, it is indispensable to get a lap belt, as a traditional lap belt can squeeze big on the tummy any time. It is not uncommon to have autographed shoulder blades on the market for quite some time now, which can help to move the pelvic floor area of ​​the plant to the thighs, making her more comfortable for her mother. Most importantly, it can only mimic the adverse effects of a possible fetal or sudden fetal death.

There is also a cross between a shed and a shed

"It's a practical problem, though I admit it was more handy to keep the belt away from my stomach. The shovel that we had was fixed size, with or without, but for me the last two months - 20 plus kilos I just noticed, but I thought I would definitely just be out of the average baby, so the tool wouldn't work.

I tested the girder

The seller just showed it to another buyer: this type is different from similar products in that the length of the strap that can be fitted to the car's safety belt can be set to the size of the body, so I was not aware that says Evelin, who plans to sell the product to the fake, with a calm heart. The swiveling spinner has no rubbery elastic that prevents it from being stretched or thinned, for example. "

I got the flip flop in the box, and it was a little frustrated here and there with little confidence. It looks a lot more bulky and the buckles are better quality, "he adds.

As the pregnant mum says, the Hungarian tool also won the favor of one, because they could choose the right combination of colors for the color of the car, because they also don't care if they are useful if, say, dad is all equipped with it.
"It also gives me an extra point because the fold-loose function of the swivel doesn't have to be splashed out: it simply stays on the car's safety lock, so you only need to move again the next time you use it. it is worth lightning fast every single car to speak to the family so that the older child does not get upset while we are having time to turn on ... "

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