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Is communication-only trick-free for mother-in-law?

Is communication-only trick-free for mother-in-law?

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A law proposal has been published that will provide women with the smallest children with life-saving benefits until the end of their lives. But, according to taxpayers, no one should be killed.

According to taxpayers, the lifetime tax-exempt status of mothers with children is just foreign to the tax system and, in her opinion, should not be accepted - communication-only trick-free for mother-in-law? The szemйlyi jцvedelemadуrуl szуlу tцrvйny mуdosнtбsa proposed by the indoklбs "йlethosszig tartу szemйlyijцvedelemadу-mentessйget biztosнt the legalбbb nйgy child szьlt or received цrцkbe, йs them sajбt hбztartбsбban nevelх or raised йdesanyбk szбmбra jцvedelmeik acquired munkбval tekintetйben" Prior Art The nхk kaphatnбnak PIT mentessйget, who
  • at least four children are entitled to family funeral
  • or if they were not already eligible, they were at least 12 years old.
The benefit is calculated by deducting the salary from the consolidated tax base (including the salary of the public employment) and the income from the contract on a profit-generating basis. For example, in a business, only the income included in the class fund is not included. Essentially, you only have to pay personal income tax on rent from non-work, capital gains, rent on real estate, rentals and the like. many parents have divorced or widowed parents. It's important that you get your parents free. In his view, "there will be at least a thousand motions to do this." For example, it is possible for someone to have a different male to have such a child. Is it maybe supporting families? Or what if they divorce and the baby gets the baby? asked Angelus Joseph.
According to taxpayers, a stranger to the tax system is the current proposal. He thinks that few people consider him to be more of a communication trap.
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