The first days after birth

The first days after birth

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The baby is born, her mother is over and over in trouble. They can be together forever and learn how to continue their relationship after the previous, ever closer union.

The first days after birth

Natural, baby-free, birthless, healthy baby there can be no obstacle to early body contact and breastfeeding. If childbirth adjusts to the baby's and mother's needs, then almost indoors, they don't have to be apart for a minute.Pregnant mother of pearlsit is also best for them to have a baby from the beginning, but they are they need more support in the first few days. Why do we emphasize this so many times? It is because the breastfeeding success is strongly influenced by the postnatal nurses, days of events. Countless research has shown that the separation of the mother and the newborn is damaging, as there are many births in Hungary that follow this practice not only during the night but also during the day.
We also ask for co-accommodation even if we do not recommend the chosen house! A change in current practice can only be expected if a majority of parents express this need. Successful Breastfeeding professional help also plays a role. If the mother receives good information in the first few days and helps her to ease her initial difficulties, she may have fewer problems later on.

The first breastfeeding

The newborn will learn the proper and effective breastfeeding techniques sooner if the first two hours of your baby's birth are going smoothly, many times have a chance to breastfeed, and knowledgeable people will help if they are not alone. It is very important that the baby finder should make the movement, and the nipple should be as close as possible to the mouth. Make sure that the smallest part of the nipple is also included in the tiny mouth. Make sure your lower and upper lips are biggyed outside while sucking.
The reflex finder movement can be selected with gentle touch on the neonate: when the nipple touches the lower lip or face, it opens the mouth and turns the touch. Avoid rough gestures, do not force the head against the breast!
The first breastfeeding may occur while lying down or lying down. First of all, make sure that you bring the little one closer to your body, not to unwind your head, but to turn over your whole body. Head and body should be in line, depending on the size and shape of the breast, possibly at a height higher than the breast. Nose and bellow touch the breast. Your newborn or baby nurse will help you position the first baby in the nursing room, observe whether the above conditions are met, and if not, help you improve your posture.
Flat or internally rotated nipples may have aches and pains both for mom and baby. Don't give up on hurrying soon, because in this case, it is particularly importantso that the baby does not get used to the shape of a bimbo or baby, but learn to breastfeed your mother. It can help to try to make a hand sandwich from your breast and get a larger portion into your mouth. If you breastfeed a little before breastfeeding, you may find it easier to get the nipple.


The two-hour observation period is also a good way to tell the mother the most important information about breastfeeding. Perhaps the most important thing is that do not limit your baby's breastfeeding in timeand be aware that the quantity of milk is determined primarily by the conditions of supply and demand.
Always breastfeed when you have the slightest inclination to do so. It is already produced in the moments of childbirth colostrum, it contains extremely valuable protective substances, and the milk covers the baby's needs right from the start. Not only if you are breastfeeding, but also when you have been searching for a suckling motion, moving your hand to a direction, restless or drooling. The use of pacifiers, watering with sugar, and excessive, unreasonable or unnecessarily high blood pressure are obstructing the perception and proper interpretation of signs. It is only possible to detect such fine signals with continuous co-operation!

Effective breastfeeding

A good suckling baby can see a continuous lingual-swinging movement in the minutes after the bite. As the milk volume increases and the day of the newborn "sleep" passes, the duration of active, continuous breastfeeding reaches 15-20 minutes. Do not put on the other breast sooner, but you may also penetrate one breast. Ideally, you can suck on the first one until you let it go by yourself.
After breastfeeding you relax your hands, it seems good for a while, he said, when he carefully cooled his lips while sucking, we saw milk droplets. In the midst of breastfeeding, there are severe concussions, and many have a dairy reflex, which can be painful at first. The reflex is also indicated by the fact that the baby begins to swallow.


Effective breastfeeding indicates if the baby's physiological decline does not go below seven weeks, does not continue after the third day, and at least regains birth weight by two weeks. From now on, a weekly increase of 115-225 grams per week is expected until the baby doubles her birth weight.

Pee poo

THE from the fourth day on, the effective breastfeeding baby pisses at least six times. The dark, sticky fetal stamina changes from yellow to yellow, so is a milky milky broth until the fourth day. If you still have fetal pruritus on the fourth day, you need to ask for help to eliminate possible breastfeeding errors. From the fourth day onwards, we expect at least three daily diapers from a well suckling Newborn.


From the second day onwards, most healthy newborns enthusiastically demand milk, wanting to eat almost all day - but it still does not produce enough of its full capacity of 40-50 milliliters. It is the behavior of the baby's claimant that results: frequent breastfeeding starts sooner And with fewer problems the production of matured milk. Usually, on the third day, the insertion of the milk comes to a halt, which is obviously a change, but the degree of feverishness is also related to the causes of breastfeeding and breastfeeding. The more often they are, the more effective they are, the less discomfort we can count.

Practices for the first few days

  • Always have the baby as long as you want. Short breastfeeding does not prevent nipple fracture.
  • Find the most comfortable breastfeeding position for you. We should insist on this even when we need to help the hospital staff, the cushions, the chairs.
  • To avoid getting the fungus infected, do not allow your baby to receive pacifiers or pacifiers. After showering, use the outside of your breasts.
  • If the breast is so tight that the baby cannot get the nipple, milk some milk to loosen the nipple and the nipple. Immediately after the head, breastfeed the baby.

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