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The 20 Most Annoying Sentences You Pregnant Have You Heard?

The 20 Most Annoying Sentences You Pregnant Have You Heard?

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Because for a pregnant woman, opinion is the ultimate automatism. Whether you are a housewife, the size of a tummy, or the requests of a childbirth, there are a few gems that make a person scratch the wall.

Don't let yourself get upset!

1.Designed child or esteemed?
Let's not tell you what kind of posture you had when you were having an orgasm. What is it that changes your mind about being in my tummy right now? We look forward to hearing from him.2. Sleep and rest a lot, you will never!
Should I refill my sleep depot and then consume it after I have finished?3. Will you be a girl? No problem, then the second / third girl / son!
Also, add that it's okay, "you do it, girl / boy" will not be, and then you churned out the deal.4. Imagine, X.Y… was pregnant!
I ask for pregnancy and childbirth, and more to be better, to parry, and to enjoy the internet with every little symptom.5. Have you been afraid of your sexual life that you want to have your baby born naturally?
Millions and millions were born over the years. There will be intimate gymnastics in the world if I need it, and I'll use it. I just do not wake up my stomach out of mercy. If I'm afraid of something else, will I protect myself?6. Wow, you can be very hungry!
If you had so much hormone in you and a tiny little girl in your stomach would swallow everything up, you would wrap it up, believe me!7. You should just relax!
Of course, the job is done by someone else, the carpets dust themselves off, and the big ones take you to the kindergarten?8. How much money will you give your doctor to give birth?
If I tell you, you're going to tell me in public that it's too much / too little, but it's good for us / but we're passionate. 9. Wow, twins? I'm writing for the next 18 years!
How do you think you say something you say about a death in the mouth?10. Are you sure you are not twins?
Yeah. The doctor's done an ultrasound so far, and you're fine.11. There will be no children left when you need to come!
Rather, don't say anything - you see, I'm looking forward to the end. 12. Are you afraid of having a baby somewhere in the house?
Because if I'm afraid, my amniotic fluid will spill out at home, in bed. Do you think I shouldn't move at all, sure, on a solid basis?13. Have you had sex with you too?
And what is your sex life like for you?14. I suppose you don't think so many, you know, by the 12th week it could be anything!
I know. But I thought you were a close friend / relative who wouldn't call me that. Tйvedtem. 15. How long do you get pregnant?
Tessйk?16. One, you eat instead of two, you don't count!
God, for decades we know this is stupid. I'm an adult woman, let me decide how much it falls between two good-night-lovers!17. Wow, why are you going to be a mom anyway, why do you have pretty clothes and high heels?
That's why you'll probably have life on cool clothes and on the playground ...18. Don't be afraid of birth, nothing!
You may already be over it / have a lot of acquaintances without bones, I am still unfamiliar and have many requests and fears.19. Let me grab your belly!
My tummy is mine, no matter! Can I grab your breast? 20. Is Your Gold Out?
Come check it out, and I can't bend and rotate my stomach anymore!
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