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Sooner or later, all the kids get involved, so it's good to know what we're up against and get ready for the reception. If we do not panic, the little ones will heal better.

There's no need to be scared

When we are healthy, our body keeps its temperature at a temperature between 36-37 ° C in our brain. Some pathogens release fluxes into the body that circulate to the focal point: this is when our temperature begins to rise. Temperatures between 37-38 ° C and above 38 degrees Celsius are fatty.

How do you measure fever?

Daily body fluctuations, which vary from person to person, can also be observed. With just a small baby in the butt, measuring something is the simplest. Later, when the little one can live in our lives, we can try to measure the fever in his death, and by distracting games, he can also succeed in reading everything.
It is important to know that in oral, widespread, orally distributed in the English countries, a degree of 0.5 ° C must be deducted from the measured values.
There are also fever plates on the forehead, but these are not accurate enough.

What is Fever?

As the temperature rises, the production of immune substances increases and the proliferation of leukocytes slows down, very useful, an important part of a protective reaction. Although, according to the latest professional protocol, the increase in body temperature does not really harm the body, infants younger than 3 months must have a temperature above 38 ° C and infants aged 3 to 6 months must have a body temperature of 39 degrees or more. .It is best served by providing the right vitamins, nutrients and energy. If you are breastfeeding, try it more often with breast milk, it will be enough for you, you do not have to breastfeed your baby. Nutritional babies need hot water to be fed externally. Foods that are difficult to digest should be avoided because fever can cause delicate bowel syndrome and can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

How can we help?

It is enough to get rid of a little thick clothing, cover up, and drink plenty of fluids, even if it is hot, but even hot, and even high. Pure water, a carbonated acid-free book, is best suited for this purpose. Flames are not a dangerous condition in themselves, nor are high fever (an exception to the few tiny babies mentioned above). No cause no prolonged damage, the organization Mechanisms of disposal it belongs to the public, only a symptom. As the body fights the disease, the fever will go down. Of course, if the child has other complaints: vomiting, diarrhea, pain, difficulty breathing, see a doctor, but if the child is good, has, is, has enough fluid, is not sick, he does not have to , you can use the active ingredient content of paracetamol, amidazofen or ibuprofen, the ingredients are always included in the packaging of the preparation. We can only give 4-6 urns of the same kind of medicine. In this case, you should use a flame retardant specifically for medical advice, even after another two to three hours. Overdose Can Have Dangerous Symptoms! Also, according to a new professional protocol for hot flashes in 2011, physical flame retardation is quite an irresistible methodof course, cold bath or cold shaving can be used in case of high fever, but a cool, no-heat bath with 31 degrees warmer water is recommended, and this is basically to improve your health.

Spiritual reasons

The fever of spiritual origin may. If a child does not feel well in the world, they are more anxious, affectionate, have trouble bearing on conflict situations, and sometimes all apparent causes are indulged. Sunday night's unexpected fever - especially if it occurs more than once and is not followed by a disease - may indicate, for example, that the little one does not like to go wild or go out.

Harmless "rhyme": the key

"My little boy was up for eight days after the obligatory MMR vaccination at 15 months. At 37.5 degrees, his little eye was wide, he started to tumble, and his mouth hesitated. would be aware of the background of such epilepsy-like spasms, the possible pathways, and the repercussions of life-saving interventions, because these terrible conditions could be avoided with proper information. "
Anita Csurgу, email

What you need to know about the lock

dr. Zsofia Meyer Pediatric Infectologist, Director General of the National Institute of Child Health:
No vaccine has a direct flare-up effect. Causes of flushing itself is a cause of fever, regardless of what caused the rise in body temperature - most often it is infectious. Most times it occurs between one and two years of age in young children. It may have a genetic background, may be a family history of multiple births, may occur several times in a child, but these may be delayed in pre-school age. independent of the height of the fever. Fever can occur in the ascending phase or, conversely, when the fever decreases.The stomach is very frightening, but virtually harmless, and can easily be transformed into a fungus has no long-term adverse effects. The duration of the seizure - although it seems to be long - is usually well below one minute, then falls into a small, deep breath. This does not mean that you do not have to be taken seriously. Diagnosing the diagnosis is the responsibility of the physician, especially since epilepsy can begin with a "sputum" of the spine. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, flame retardants (and fever) cannot be prevented, as these agents only affect the hot spot in the midst of excitement. It is a no-brainer to give a flame retardant, but to measure flush and flame retardation is important and important.

What to do in the event of a climax

  • 1. It is important to protect the child from collapse in a sideways position and to prevent backflow from the mouth.

  • 2. Wipe and soothe the fever as soon as possible.

  • 3. The doctor will decide if there is always a solution that is easy to inject into the end - but most spasms dissolve by themselves by the time the picture appears. Not the stomach ache, but the correct posture, that is, preventing choking is a lifesaving intervention!

Useful Tips for Flame Reduction

  • If you break down a glass of flame retardant, always keep the date down because it can only be used for a couple of months after many drugs are opened.
  • Check your medication inventory from time to time to make sure that everything is down when you really need it.
  • When a child is cold, we always record the values ​​so we know when to get another medication, see if it gets better, and can help the doctor a lot in making the diagnosis.
  • Also note which spasmodic method your child has taken, because the next illness may not get you into the thrill of it.
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