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Motherhood showed me who my real friends are

Motherhood showed me who my real friends are

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Before I became a mother, I lived a great social life and had many friends. I had many friends that I could call at any time to party or travel with. Everywhere I turned, I made friends, quickly established relationships with friends.

Motherhood showed me who my real friends areIf I look back at this time now, then, based on my friendships, I can see what was really important in my life at the time: how I feel about enjoying life to the fullest extent possible. As I found out I was pregnant, my relationships changed slightly. I quickly realized that those whom I regarded as my friends were not, except for my best friend and little childhood, those whom I had grown up with.
They called me less and less, and I received fewer messages and invitations, but I became increasingly clear as to who my true friends were. It was a real test of my friends. And I began to appreciate the friendships that made this prestige. With my motherhood, especially in the first period, everything changed: I was responsible for a little humanity. Suddenly, everything that used to be so important became a memory. The big talk came to an end, but I was getting clearer about who I wanted to let in my life. Motherhood has problems that are best understood by those who are in the same situation. We need to connect with people who are in a very similar life situation, similar in their circumstances. So we don't feel so alone. My friend is few, but they are really worth it to me.
Together we laugh, laugh together, support and encourage each other.
These women bring me some coffee. Just like that.
These women call, just to sign in.
These women help out with the baby, just to be a little alone.
They are taking the time to be together and make friends.
These women will keep someone who is in trouble.
These women share the stories of life, the bad and the good.
These women inspire me.
They give advice.
These women face the same day-to-day challenges, as do the challenges of parenting.
They are there even if I forgot to reply to my messages or if I am too tired to go play with us.
They are my family, we belong. They taught me what true friendship means.Rachel Gorton - viaRelated articles on motherhood and friendship:
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