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We get cold, warm

We get cold, warm

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It happens to be 10 degrees more or less on Tuesdays than on Tuesdays, not to mention the bad weather. Strolling fronts are not just for Grandma. That's why your baby is so excited!

Leverts, headache

In the Carpathian Basin, it is not uncommon for the cold front and the warm front to have dual (so-called occlusive) fronts. On average, there are two fronts per week, which even the most well-balanced infant can have.

Many mothers observe that sudden changes in weather, but especially windy weather, can bring the baby away from the drift

If a gay front covers the area, after the passage of the front, even in the case of a cold front, the front is sensitive. When opposing temperatures in the air meet, the temperature changes, the chance of precipitation changes, the pressure, humidity, and ionic composition of the air. No wonder all this affects our body. The cold front affects the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system, slows down breathing, cardiac output, decreases blood pressure. The warm front affects the sympathetic nervous system: your heart rate, your breathing will be faster, your blood pressure will increase. Whether cold or warm, both can lead to headaches, malaise, depression. In fact, according to a recent survey, changes in pressure, changes in relative humidity, and changes in temperature are more likely to occur in asthma.

Poor baby!

To your baby the same way fronts work like adults. Many mothers observe that sudden change of time, but especially windy weather, can bring the baby to death. He can have a headache just as bad as his posture on the front just as he did. Of course, the stubborn baby also needs help in this case: love it, nurse it, as in other times when it comes to asking what's wrong with it. Rocking, walking, carrying, breastfeeding are worthwhile too. And, in the meanwhile, rest assured that it is not you who spoiled something, but the weather.