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The Pregnant Magazine is here!

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What kind of car do you choose for your child? How do you get used to being a bit wicked? Does anyone else leave if they are pregnant? What to record for a job interview? New Maternity Magazine gives you answers to all your inquiries.

Pregnant Magazine is tuned to practicality. You'll find all the topics that may be important during baby-baby and toddler years, and even though your pregnant girlfriend is eager to read our articles.
In our new section, we discussed the health facts and beliefs. It's a good idea to check out some of our articles, because you'll never know when you'll need a glossary or anti-freeze. Not only babies, but also moms, we thought our mommy adjusting would give you tips on how to get her moving and how to boost your immune system.
If you are expecting a baby or are dating someone who has a bear problem, be sure to read our article "If Your Baby Won't Come". We will go through point-by-point examinations that are needed in such a situation, including what intervention is needed, when and why. This is also very important, because to hear many stories of women being sent to the baby for drastic examinations, even though the basics (blood count, hormone levels, etc.) need to be clarified first. However, you can read from your table where you and your partner are in the baby-baby project.
We also embed ourselves in the bowels of the soul. Women tell you what it is like when you are pregnant, when you fall for a man, or when your baby crawls after a couple of dates, when you have little desire to have sex. We would not save our taboos. Because it is so that one does not want to breastfeed if he does not like his children equally, if he needs help to be a better mother.
In our star announcement, Csaba Tihanyi-Tуth's "father" of Friends is among our friends, and our beauty page presents the best baby-mom oils. The beauty of the page is also different. In fact, the Pregnant Mama organized a special makeup team to help you make yourself feel new again. Our first candidate was Gabi, who started working in February, and needed a small upgrade. Our hairdresser, makeup artist, stylist took care of the young mom and carved a bomb for her over a daisy. Quickly jump into the Pregnant Mummy and make sure your eyes are on it. And if you like, please sign up!
Let's hope you have a little reading, and tomorrow we will be able to welcome you among the readers of Maternity.