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Shared Invitation - Exciting Conference: Parenting as a Human Rights

Shared Invitation - Exciting Conference: Parenting as a Human Rights

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Anyway, just be healthy! All the same? It really doesn't matter how they are born? Is there a lot of examinations and routine interventions to ensure your health? This is the time to reflect on the request, whether you are a guide or a sworn father.

On May 31, Hague and Budapest hold a joint conference entitled Parenting as a Human Rights. Many come to life and often overlooked requests from participants. What are the rights of parents and what are their responsibilities? Who is responsible for the birth and its outcome? What rights do you have and why are doctors, midwives and other helpers responsible for childbirth? What is the Fetus Right and Interested? How can this be represented?
The conference was held in the wake of the Ternovszky ruling of the European Court of Human Rights, after which a Hungarian mother-in-law first reported that she had the right to live in her birthplace. In 2010, Anna Ternovszky filed a lawsuit against the Hungarian state because the state, with its unclear legal situation and criminalization of home birth, did not allow her to be freely chosen as her birthplace. The Strasbourg Courts upheld the defense and held the state accountable. Free choice is the duty of every state to make it equal for all.
The situation in Hungary is at the center of international attention at the conference. Representatives of the affected professions (physicians, nurses, lawyers, motherfuckers and of course, mothers and couples, most affected) should to fully respect the interests and rights of all parties involved, how to ensure that the mother is free to make an informed choice.In roundtable discussions, such internationally renowned professionals as:
Michel Odent (obstetrician, France),
Ina May Gaskin (Slytherin, USA),
Robbie Davis-Floyd (Cultural Anthropology, USA),
Debra Pascali-Bonaro (dъla, USA),
Elisabeth Prochaska (Law, England)
And many others.
The conference will be opened by the "Ternovszky v. Hungary" discussion, which will lay the foundations for the topic and set the frame. At the center of the discussion the situation in Hungary, the background and consequences of the birth of the decision are discussed, the participants discuss the present, the future and the future of the birth system. He is among those invited
Anna Ternovszky (mother),
Stefronia Kapronczay (Law, Society for Freedoms),
dr. István Marton (Szsles-néggygysz),
dr. Imre Szebik (Doctors of Free and Safe Birth, Bioethical, Doctor).
More detailed information about the participants, the program, and everything else on the website is available. Anyone who is not able to attend the Hague Conference in person can follow and speak online. The 'webinar' is a sign up for an online registration, which costs 100 Euros for the first international day. (The second day deals with the situation in the Netherlands.)
If you would like to participate with other interested parties, "Izaban" is free for the first day of the conference (May 31) online. You can follow the conference in English at the original time. Location: ELTE PPK Psychological Institute, Budapest, VI: District, Izabella u. 46. ​​(Room 216)