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Every kid's favorite is the warm stuff. By refreshing the recipe a bit, we can make the meal healthier.

Almond-raisin-honey honey bun

6 slightly dehydrated, full-bodied, yeast-free bio-croissants
2 dkg of butter
1 liter almond milk
one rod vanilla
three egg yolks
5-6 tbsp honey
peel of a lemon
10 dkg raisins
20 dkg mkk
10 dkg almonds
maple syrup

In an almond milk medium saucepan, cook with vanilla radish and scraped seeds. Meanwhile, I mix the egg yolk with the honey. I crave a hot image, cut the croissants into centrifugal rings, lay a layer on the bottom, and sprinkle with raisins. I add boiled almond milk to the honey egg. I put the mass back on the fire and stirred it in with the stirring. I fall in love with the lemon skin. I drizzle over the vanilla-honey almond milk on the raisins and then distribute it over the minced sugar. I peel the other half of the croissants, sprinkling with the raisins. Finally, cut the almonds with a coarse cut, cut the pot with it, sprinkle with a little maple syrup and push the whole into the 180 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. You can find more recipes here.