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Infant mortality decreased in Hungary

Infant mortality decreased in Hungary

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Infant mortality in Hungary is lower than ever before, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), which was 3.9 thousand last year, which is a very significant result.

Infant mortality decreased in Hungary

According to experts, the preservation and possible improvement of this good indicator is the goal along a national strategy, said the press in Budapest on this topic.Attila Szabу, director of the Semmelweis University No. 1 Pediatric Clinic, said this data was This represents an improvement of 7 percent compared to 2015 and 25 percent compared to 2013. This success is also due to the success of perinatologists, infant and pediatric nurses, nurses, quality training, and continuous development at medical training universities, and to ensure the continued upgrading of the instrument park.

Infant mortality decreased in Hungary (source: MTI)

Miklos Szabou, the head of the Neonatology (Health) College of the Health Professional College, has never spoken, never in Hungary has the low infant mortality rate approximates the unique average of 3.6 thousand"This result is the result of serious professional perseverance, faithfulness, dedication, and hard work," Miklós Sabab emphasized that the next five years will only be sustained if this good result is achieved going along a declared national strategy. "The pediatric profession wants to preserve the health of newborns and infants in Hungary, and to have an explicit, stated governmental goal, a government program," she said. interconnection of different databases could be completed. He called attention to the fact that the New Year's healing, besides its rapidly developing scientific and technical background Newborn care needs to be "humanized". As he said, we must now lehetхsйgйt the csalбd- йs ъjszьlцttbarбt kуrhбzi ellбtбsnak йs the kуrhбzi kцrьlmйnyek javнtбsбnak.Jelezte Hungarian koraszьlцttosztбlyokon vбltak hangsъlyossб eljбrбsok those that do not belong to closely gyуgyнtбshoz, but greatly hozzбjбrulnak szьletett small children sъllyal tъlйlйsi esйlyeihez the early breastfeeding and close parenting with newbornsHe also stressed the need to invest more in research in this area. Miklós Szabou said that every tenth newborn born in Hungary is born in Hungary. Early childhood is a very complex process, but the health of mothers, the health of the fetus (such as alcohol and drug use), or the social situation play a role in early childhood.Tamás Kovacs, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Pediatric Society has said that the improvement in the number of premature babies, breastfeeding, and breastfeeding is necessary to maintain improved results. As he put it, "It is not enough for premature babies to be over, the goal is to live healthily."
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