Would you like to take the kid to a beauty pageant?

Would you like to take the kid to a beauty pageant?

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Every parent has his or her most beautiful child. There's no problem with that. The situation is complicated by the fact that if the parent decides to do so, he or she will take this picture. What does the kid survive in such a tournament?

Letncia's parents

Letncia wore her most beautiful clothes. Mom's long blond hair was well heated, one last look in the mirror, and they set off. At the entrance many were crowded. Moms in makeup, dad with a cellphone, a photo camera, a video, little girl in suits and outfits. Krisztina was a little insecure, maybe she shouldn't have come in pants anyway, but of course they didn't bring outerwear. When they entered the gate, a ticket collector was raised and born to pay $ 3,500. That's the entry fee. Laci dropped her mouth. This was not your job. Christina said they would come to an interview where they were looking for a nice, blond-haired baby girl. If you choose Letit, you could have sweet little commercials, he would say, say, a kid with a milk whiskey to promote health. Then, after a quick cap, they decided to pay the nominee, and when they came, they would watch this kid's race.

Cocktail dress for the three-year-old

Here the voice of Krisztina Szabadi gets stuck. Yeah, yeah, you have to say that you have finally entered your girlfriend, Letszy, no matter how much you are. His girlfriend had begun to bribe him, the only excuse for not knowing what they were doing.
"We paid the nominee, and then we went to a big room where we had to get ready. They avoided makeup shops, bakers, and mothers, and looked at their children, their boys, because they were looking for not only beautiful charms, but also for kittens. : appearing in a streetwear or cocktail dress. Then I realized that if I had looked at this paperclip at home, I could have figured out what to apply for.
But not only were there cocktail dresses, but also snails, lipsticks, eyelashes, mini high heels and, of course, a bunch of little monkeys big-boiled in front of the mirrors. It was unbelievable to see that no one was playing in the little play area around the kids because everyone was busy with their outside.
Since we are not prepared, we are ready to do it. First we stumbled upon the sponsors of the beauty pageant, who wore clothes. It seemed like it was worth buying something. Then one of the jury members, Kiszel Tünde, also appeared, naturally bringing her diary with her. It was a little unpleasant not to buy a calendar. Then one of the staff members of the agency also gave us the chance to have a portfolio for our child. My boyfriend's face turned pale, but she just kept going. How important this is in today 's world, and the chances of a kid who has one is starting out. Of course, he knows that this is very expensive, but the investor is back. The kid will learn to pose in front of the camera, move well, and win the next race as soon as possible.
Slowly everything became clear. Anyone who buys a lot of sponsor clothes, puts on a cheap portfolio, and gets good points in Kiszel Tanya, even if he can win. The competition itself was lush. Foamy babies were hanging out on stage, mothers applauding, videotaping, cheering on the stage, and the real presenter was trying to get the kids, who didn't even know where he was. Like Leti, that was our luck. He felt great, played, sat in the winner's throne, enjoyed the hustle and bustle. We are light. We didn't expect the end of the race, we made the only normal decision in the situation: we went home. "

Meet the expectations

On the website of the recruitment agency for child models, read: "The fact is, there are talented children who want to be able to fit in the modeling world. We aim to match these demand and supply factors in the fairest way possible. To give children the opportunity to play different roles while protecting them. "

Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky

But what is the adult thing? Makeup and hairstyle? The competition? Or is there a race ahead of you? According to Zsuzsa Szvetelszky, an ELTE researcher, it is dangerous because the child is killed for not meeting the expectations.
"In beauty contests there is usually a norm. For example, babies are attracted to putty dolls, even though everyone knows that beauty is a subjective concept. not only is the parent disappointed, but also the parent and usually he / she cannot (or does not want to) hide it from the child. The child sees how important it is for his / her parents to be like a norm, so much of his / her time it will fill you up to adjust your exterior to your expectations.
It should also be noted that these competitions are heavily erotic, with little girls posing as adults, and that it would be a long time to study the psychology of how to reinforce this in children. The kid in the competitions will also stop you from accepting self-highlighting, but because he has won a placement. And here it does not matter that this is a good thing, because it would be just as damaging if, for example, you went to a study race. That is absurd, of course, but why not compete for a double outer?

It's not about kids

Beauty and success are inseparable concepts in today's world. The film stars the stars, many of whom have already gotten into the beauty industry. There are common educational lessons. Britney Spears herself is a total crash. Drew Barrymore started the profession 11 months later and had high school drug and alcohol problems. The line ends: Brooke Shields, Christina Aguilera. An important point in all of this was the presence of ambitious parents who had disturbed them on the stage. The children rarely come up with the idea of ​​starting a beauty, singing or dance competition.

Vincze Anikou

"Such dreads are most often the result of competition between parents," affirms psychologist Anikou Vincze. "Children are born to grown-ups, according to grown-ups, corresponding to the grown-ups. A baby who looks in front of the mirror or looks in the eyes of his mother, and even the mere thought of having a child in front of it. Of course, those who run away do not look like they are looking at a stall. children certainly do not realize in their minds that they are just fine. The little ones think much simpler: I win or not. If so, they think it is worthwhile, successful, and a total collapse if not.
What can protect a child?
"If you succeed in formulating a goal that is meaningful to the race and framing the story. If you succeed in explaining to the child that every decision in a beauty contest is a matter of choice and that the jury chooses more than one. .
The mother-girl competition is a little different, because the child is not alone here, but the mother is hanging out with her. If the mother is a credible, healthy person, if she can handle the value, the baby's personality will be less distorted. But in this case, it's not about a race for beauty, but a public, nutsch program with a mother. A state of the child's psycho-sexual development, when pre-school babies have to wiggle in front of their father. All this is for the father, and I want to say goodbye, and it's part of a natural process. Skill contests reinforce this mode of action, take it for granted and preserve it, hindering its healthy development. "