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Every mother wants to know her baby well. One of our health is, perhaps, the most important basis of nutrition, so it does not matter what you eat and drink every day little toddlers.

Adequate vitamin nutrition contributes to the development and health of the young child. Because toddlers need different vitamins and minerals from adults, they cannot eat like us.
Milk consumed by adults - whether in-store, canned milk or raw cow's milk - is not suitable for young children. Not only is the high content of whites and whites burdened by 1-3 year olds, it does not effectively support the intense development of young children - including the immune system. Did you know, for example, that cow's milk contains almost no vitamin D? Vitamin D, also known as sunlight, plays a very important role in the development of natural fertility and, especially during periods of no sunshine, is essential.
Milkil Junior drinks are a better source of vitamin C than cow's milk, as they contain 4x more vitamin A and 15x more vitamin C than the same amount of cow's milk. Moreover, 2 glasses (2 X 250 ml) of Milumil Junior Children's Drink cover 100% of the daily vitamin D requirements of 1-3 year olds, which is of great importance in terms of natural vigor.
Incorporating junior baby drinks into your toddler's diet can also be helpful, as they can provide you with the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients in the form of delicious, milk-based fluids.
If you have any questions about your child's nutrition or Junior Kid Drinks, look for one of the following options:
Milumil Council: 06 80 33 12 33 (9 am-5pm on weekdays),
Milumil. supports the immune system.


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