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The hypnosis method and my husband

The hypnosis method and my husband

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Beautiful birth is a matter for everyone. Our readers have used the hypnotic method to educate your child.

We really looked forward to it, since we were over thirty. One of the events of the Birth Week series I met with one of the Hungarian trainers of hypnosis, Rick. It had a big impact on me, my fetus was barely a couple of weeks old, but I already knew I wanted to use this method to bring it to life. It was the highlight of my wonderful, trouble-free experience as we began the course and, together with my daughter, prepared for childbirth. Because of my previous traumatic medical conditions, I was dreading childbirth, illness ...
I had a lot of communication with my baby in relaxation and we were very close together. My husband and I have also developed a relationship because we have been able to prepare for birth together. She also learned everything and decided to have effective help in childbirth. We practiced the technique enthusiastically and read the book. We also visualized the date of my birth, and in my incredible way, the little teacher was born on October 10, 2012, just as I asked for in the course ... ( , as we learned, applied the learned massage, which brought relief. Relaxation has helped me withstand difficult conditions, I can't imagine a baby without it. With the help of Hypnosis, we succeeded in overcoming fear and creating a terrific birth cycle.
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