Not born of anything but sorrow and pain

Not born of anything but sorrow and pain

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What does it mean to lose a newborn baby? What are the internal and external consequences? How can the mother, the father, the family handle this loser? How can you overcome the emotional tragedy caused by the loss of a fetus or newborn baby?

Not born of anything but sorrow and pain

Death and thought are a definite moment in our human existence, an "unprocessable" problem for man. Woe is the greatest crisis in our lives. It is especially difficult and tragic if you are losing a child or another unborn life. However, our child or our fetus is dead we need to be able to process itwhich does not mean a conscious turning away from the dead, but an intense mourning. Because only successful vesztesйg feldolgozбsa kнnбl lehetхsйget tovбbbi йletьnk zцkkenхmentes folytatбsбra.Elveszнteni an unspeakably terhessйget fбjdalmas йrzйs, no matter when tцrtйnik or how kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt (akбr fetal vesztesйgrхl, akбr early ъjszьlцtt former vesztesйgrхl beszйlьnk). Our covenants and dreams with our unborn child will die in one fell swoop. That is how we feel, we will never be more, we cannot be the same as we were before the loss.Of course, the wound can heal over time if we survive healingand leave time to process the loss. How do you cope with this grief and overcome the emotional shock caused by the loss of a life-expectant child, the birth of a child?

Over time (maybe) it will be lighter

Cure from a psychological point of view not a state of affairs, but a process. It aims to regenerate, to compensate for loss. The aim is to have feelings alleviated and to gain a new perspective. Sensations can therefore be very varied, from anger to ambition. Give yourself timethat you need and consume what has happened. It will take weeks, months, or much more time for you to recover. There are also stages to grief. You may be going through these phases quickly, but they may be extinguished or even skipped completely. The most common phases of cure are:
- Tagadбs: At first, it seems impossible to understand why it happened. This is the stage of shock that lasts for a few hours or days. This is a period of total emotional distress, the function of which is to try to gradually induce warning.
- Yeah, anger: You will become angry with yourself, your household, or any supreme power because you "let" it happen.
- Consciousness: He'll think about how he could stop himself from doing what he should have done just because he wasn't careful.
- Depressziу: Your pain and sadness can increase to the point of depression. These sensations usually disappear over time. If your depression is suspected to be persistent, seek professional help.
- Insertion, Confirmation: Each step of the ladder brings you closer to the cure to be able to contain it. You will never forget your baby, but adopting it can relieve the pain.

Faith rages, and the future is dissolved

There will probably be a number of obstacles to the path to reassurance, acceptance, such as anger or regurgitation, even though he thought he was far from it. There are factors that only exacerbate this, for example, when you see a baby. This is completely normal. Protect yourself from these possible painful situations until you are ready to cope with them.The death of a follower besides childbirth has more than one character. The risk of losing is that it is dead there are no specific memoirs, souvenirs. Death erodes women's sense of competence, and the mother's belief in womanhood and herself is diminished. The loss of a child was similar to the body, my one part for losing. Envy, guilt, and anger can intensify in extreme ways. The parents 'vision is lost, they lose their sense of inviolability, and their parents' identity is ruined. In addition, because of taboos in society, cure parents will be banned from communication. There is hardly anyone who can effectively help.

He led to the healing

The results of psychological studies suggest that viewing the dead helps in healthy cure. However, in the majority of domestic institutions, this is not possible in practice. Meeting the dead is almost essential for the beginning of the mourning, however. Examinations show that it is right to show the fetus (newborn). However, efforts must be made to create the right conditions. In addition, it is very important, and if the staff has a picture that can be taken from the memory, the family has less to say. The healing parents are important in their emotional recovery. the date of the next pregnancy. This request should not be overlooked, as the future also influences witchcraft. It is often the case that another pregnancy overlooks previous sin and failure. A fast-moving pregnancy disorder, because most often it starts with cure, triggers the "baby syndrome" despite the fact that another child is not able to fully cure a dead child. Early childhood obstruction of the lymphatic processing. In this case, the two pregnancies, the two children do not separate.Normal conditions it takes some time for the miracle to end. Observations and studies suggest that couples need at least one year to process the death.

As if nothing could help

What can we do to make the healing process a little easier - Decide for yourself! Well-intentioned friends and family members would recommend that you do everything that reminds you of your baby, baby clothes and baby things. But the decision is in my hands. If you are not ready to put these things away, give yourself time as much as you need.
- Remember the baby doll! You really want to give your baby a name, maybe you want to be baptized, or have a memorial service. You can be comforted when you plant a tree or have any baby in your memory. If the painful loss is over the verge of becoming pregnant, you may want to keep the ultrasound photos public, or ask your hospital staff to have a baby or a fingerprint.
- Everything in time! Some days it will be better than at other times. If you are depressed and have a terrible feeling about the future, just focus on spending the day today.
- Take care of yourself! relax enough to eat healthy. Take time for regular exercise and physical activity.
- Delay the important decisions! A lot of things now go through both emotionally and physically. If you can, wait for important decisions such as moving home or moving to work.
- Chat with your couple! Women and men they heal differently. Do not expect your household to deal with grief in the same way as you do. Let them be open and honest with each other and share their feelings.
- Make a diary! His thoughts and Throwing your senses on paper effective, effective medicine can give you pain.
- Make a strong effort from others! Your friends and family may not know how to help you well, effectively, and are not always sure what to say. Tell them boldly when you need their support. If you want to talk to your baby or keep your baby's memory alive, let your friends and loved ones know how you feel.
- Join a support group! It is comforting to share your senses with others who are having a similar problem - either personally or on the Internet. A helpful person can also provide very helpful tips, understanding, and discussions.

Fascinated by the future

Many women who have lost a baby are able to deliver another baby with less success. Once the pain of mourning subsides, calms down, they will be able to talk to their couple about trying to get pregnant again. A lower level of excitement can break the wounds associated with the previous loss, but at the same time, it can give you a boost and hope for the future. But wait, it's time!"You can search for it, you won't find it, to no avail,
either here, in Cape Town, or in Bibbba,
neither in the rich nor in the rich future
anyone can give birth, but they can't. "

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