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Segнtsйg! I take medicine and sex is not good (X) The vagina can not make your relationship with us!

Segнtsйg! I take medicine and sex is not good (X) The vagina can not make your relationship with us!

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At first you thought you were in trouble, but you came to the conclusion that nothing has happened that would have such a negative effect on your sex life. Then you read and became aware of your pregnancy information.

Perhaps the advice also began: sex has been a pain since you have been struggling with conception, and that is why you just wanted to be liberated. Your couple also noticed and began to question whether he was doing something wrong, maybe even disturbed, but after many negative answers, a factor could be left that could cause the unpleasant vaginal complaints, just to conceive.

Are you sleeping on your medicine?

The fogamzбsgбtlу kйszнtmйnyekben lйvх befolyбsoljбk hormones in the body hormontermelйsйt sajбt, йs the нgy kialakulу цsztrogйnhiбny kцvetkeztйben hьvelyszбrazsбg jцn lйtre its unpleasant tьneteivel (megfelelх nedvesedйs not act kцzben the hьvelyhбm sikamlуssбgбnak csцkkenйse, fбjdalmas sex, бllandуsulу йgх, viszketх, feszьlх йrzйs).
However, you do not have to live with the above if you find the right treatment and use a specific active ingredient formulation.
The pain that occurs during the act can also be treated with certain scars, but it is a purely symptomatic treatment, and the spilled substance is not regenerated.
Pharmacy assistant available at a pharmacy.

Long-term solution? Yes!

The Cikatridina hьvelykъp contains no hormone pйldбul, hatбsa based on the included lйvх hyaluronic vнzmegkцtх kйpessйgйn and gyуgynцvйnykomponensek (aloe vera, kцrцmvirбg, tigrisfы oily extracts of tea tree) бpolу, vйdх, gyulladбscsцkkentх, regenerбlу tulajdonsбgain, ezйrt be safely applied bбrmilyen okbуl lйtrejцtt hьvelyszбrazsбg esetйn .
Due to its beneficial composition, the formulation restores moisture in the vagina and stimulates the cardiac regeneration processes, making the vagina again smoother, more elastic. It is important that the hormonal contraceptive effect is not influenced at all and can even be used with a condom because it does not contain petroleum jelly.For risks, read the User Guide,
or consult a physician.