How much does herpes affect gays?

How much does herpes affect gays?

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Why does one person become tired of herpes even with the slightest amount of stress, and why does the same herpes leave her other intact even if she has high fever or ten times as much stress?

US researchers have identified the first gene whose different variants can be correlated with the incidence of cold sores - reported in the HealthDay newsletter. Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) has a currency infectivity of at least seventy percent. The viruses that enter the body are not lost by the immune system; they are destroyed in the nervous system until they reactivate.
A prominent sign of the outburst is a blistering disorder that appears in the mouth or around it. "Researchers believe that the frequency of onset is determined by three factors: the virus itself, environmental factors, and hereditary predisposition," explained John Kriesel, a researcher at the University of Utah Medical Department.
A total of 355 herpes simplex viruses and 263 uninfected humans were analyzed and compared in the study. This resulted in the discovery of a gene, C210rf91, which exhibited different variants and correlated with the frequency of virus activation.

Genetic testing can help

Two genotypes have been shown to protect against activation, while two other genotypes have increased the risk of outbreaks, the results of which were published in the December issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases.
They plan to carry out genetic analysis on a larger population at a lower age.

How is this possible?

It is now eleven years since we have determined the chemical structure, or genetic code, of the human gene pool. This opened the way to genetic-based medicine and, at the same time, made the use of genetic testing widely available. Today, anyone has the ability to request predictions based on their DNA pattern in the mid-century, looking at their condition.
Before a little brush-covered rash, and living with a little heat can be an open book for the life of the owner of the DNA sample before the genetic - least of all, the biological parameters that are affected. In the United States, several companies that offer $ 500 to $ 1,000 are willing to offer this service to anyone in the mail by mail. These are SNP tests, which are used to test for the occurrence of so-called polygenic (multi-gene) diseases based on the sample. That is, for example, among those with a given genetic pattern, there is an 80 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes. What's this for? Is it worthwhile to live with a biological blacklist that may have the cause of a possible early death as the result of a faulty gene?

What is a snip test?

Thus, SNP (single nucleotide polymorhism) is pronounced. The DNA alkotу bбzisok sorrendjйben vizsgбlja bekцvetkezх vбltozбsokat test szбmнtуgйpes segнtsйgйvel program that bekьldцtt mintбn say egymilliу vбltozйkony place talбlhatу data (this mйg very far бll the цsszes Possible kombinбciуtуl) raises цssze the viszonyнtбsi bбzissorrenddel, йs this alapjбn enter each бllapotok , diseases are at risk. Differences do not necessarily cause illness, they are not a search for malfunctions at the moment, but because statistics show that there are correlations between certain baseline and different diseases.
Through such websites, overseas companies that carry the same genomic mutations communicate and exchange experiences, such as the hereditary form of herpes. During this time, they will be able to recruit more easily and purposefully for further research, not to mention that we are facing a whole new set of people-to-people contacts.
It should also be borne in mind that the disclosure of our personal genetic data may be at our request. Understandably, insurers are also keenly interested in the results of genetic tests, as life and health insurances do not matter in the least. However, genetic discrimination is already prohibited by law in the United States.

What we already know

Our genetic code is stored by DNA, each chromosome is a single long molecule of DNA. The concept of genetic testing may well have preceded the seminal achievement of the Humane Genomic Program in the common sense. Based on fetal tissue samples from amniotic fluid or lepidoptera, many years have been conducting cytogenetic studies for Down, Klinefelter's syndrome and other forms of chromosome aberration.
The nucleus in the cell division stage is numbered and ordered by light microscopy, so that the patient can have 47 instead of the usual 46. This examination is carried out in pregnant women if the risk of abnormality has increased in some cases, such as an ultrasound, maternal age above 35 years, and possibly family history. Based on the suggestion of a specialist, the costs of this examination will be covered by the Social Security for anyone who has insurance, and the outcome will allow parents to decide whether or not to keep the fetus.
Another type of genetic testing is molecular genetics. The disease is diagnosed with the help of a disease known to be linked to a defect in a particular gene. Our specialist, dr. According to Flodra Fodor, today in Hungary, you are essentially lucky to ask whether a patient has access to these examinations in a medically justifiable case, ie whether he And, if so, does it fall within the scope provided by the institution.
These tests are costly, so you should try to determine the risk factors that you should ask if they actually carry the error. Currently, there are three diseases in which the United States has already raised the value of population-wide screening because of the frequency of changes and the high cost of care for the disease. Such cystic fibrosis, the defective gene of which is carried by one in 29 and every three thousandth baby is born, which happens to be one in every thousand children. Today, these examinations can theoretically be carried out on TB, if such a difference has occurred in the family, but the whole-population screening has not yet been completed.
Szakйrtх: dr. Fodor Flurra is a clinical molecular geneticist forensic DNA expert
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