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Nowadays, we often hear that "real" water does not come from the tap, but from the bottle. Both nurses and doctors admonish their moms: just boil and cool the tap water for a few months to give the baby water. What about tap water?

Protecting your mind is a healthy over-insurance, says dr. Mihaby Csanbdy, head of the Department of Hydraulic Hygiene at the National Center for Health. There is usually no problem with tap water in Hungary.
- Tap water is perfectly suited for human consumption, says the expert, because it contains only the permitted amounts of foreign bacteria. I also believe that three months younger babies will get better boiled water, but not because it would get infected outside. One hundred milliliters of conductive water may contain one hundred saprophytic bacteria. They do not cause illness, but they are not in a newborn body. Anyone in the country may experience the taste and smell of water in other parts of the country. In some places, we find this extremely unpleasant. Siofok is a strange, disturbing difference in the vicinity of the summer. This is because the water there comes from Balaton, which is hot in the summer, so the tap water does not cool. Since Siofok happens to overcharge water, the liquids also have a taste and odor. It is important to know that chlorination does not affect the state of health, but it is a fact that water is not as pleasant to drink as anywhere else.
- Boilers like it, we don't like hard water. From a drinking point of view, the capital water of the capital is ideal. Although differences affect the water's environmental value, tap water can be easily consumed in almost all areas of the country. An exceptionally small alpine settlement, where improvement of the water quality would be justified. There are institutional or domestic water pipes where the water quality is still worse. In such cases, we advise you to go to the nearest settlement for two liters of water per day for cooking and drinking.


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