Send a story to Christmas!

Send a story to Christmas!

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Not only can you read aloud to sick children, but they have also been announced through the world!

On World Independence Day, the World Wide Web also includes the K&H Spy Doctor Doctors Program, which you can now easily join in with a short video submission that shares your favorite story with the little ones you read. It enriches the imagination, helps to understand the meaning of good and bad, right and wrong. In addition, a fairy tale read to sick children helps to forget about trouble, pain, and also contributes to the mental health of the little patient and, at the same time, healing.
You know this, too, for the 3,800 volunteers who, over the past 4 months, have smuggled fairy tales and fun through the walls of children's hospitals. Encouraged by its positive reception and success, the K&H Tale Doctors' Program is launching its fairy tale reading on the web on December 5th. Enthusiastic volunteers can now smile at the faces of sick children in hospitals, in addition to reading their personal tales over the Internet.
Not only can children read to fairy tales through the web, but little patients can see them whenever they want for a little fun. You can enjoy the magic of the tale even when there is no visitation to them or there is a ban on visiting in the hospitals. And when you look at stories, they can forget about their pains, their wards, their exams, their doctors, and for a few minutes they can be real, carefree kids - or just a king, a kitty, a warrior or a soldier.
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