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Even though I was only 6 weeks pregnant, I had a crystal clear picture of what I was going to be, the real Super Mommy. There was a perfect plan in my head, even though I was not disturbed by the fantasy that I was expecting twins.

I read the lйtezх цsszes baby-mama literature, konzultбltam maternity barбtnхkkel, Semi anyukбkkal, ъgy йreztem, felkйszьltem igazбn to slow бtlйnyegьljek in my head йlх Szuperanyuvб.Aztбn eljцtt the vбrva vбrt day - the hйt 41 kцzepйn - йs csбszбrmetszйssel segнtettйk the twins vilбgra . From the minute I was born, as the days went by, I became more and more double person vбltam. RйgiЙn for example, in the morning, when he heard the first giggly noises from the nursery, he often pretended to be deaf, super Mom zombie face, but happily spanking the babies.In the night of bedtime in bed, in the region, she freely read facebook news with a mug of tea, while Superanyu always washed her pajamas and disinfected her baby at 10. In the region, she was afraid to go to a shopping center to replace her XXL wardrobe with smaller pieces, but Super Mommy was in a baby shop, but only in the baby department. The conscience of the country was ridiculous, and Superanyu watched the slavery with a Cayan smile. The mother idol that I created at the beginning of my promise has completely taken me to power. Nothing worked out the way I imagined it to be. I thought that my baby would be having a baby with childbirth and a mother-in-law blush because I had read about it in books and on the Internet. But there was no mist anywhere, no blister.Things don't always turn out the way they are designed Breastfeeding was the biggest mummy. So I remember, no one talked to me about being a suckling baby, almost drowning in milk, never ending, all day long breastfeeding, inflamed, hard titties, stomachs and strained milk lumps that need to be massaged with laborious labor. And the image of the miracle of breastfeeding is slowly tilted in me. In addition, I drank four liters of drinking water a day, and I did not eat homeopathic milk stimulants for my hands, nor did I have enough milk.I mixed the formula with hernia to my children, because of course I read almost nothing in my mother-in-law about moms who had so much milk that they could put them in the freezer for "darker times". No appreciation came close to zero when a dear friend I was born with almost one liter offered me a liter of milk. She was overwhelmed with happiness that one day her children would drink only breast milk. I put the baby in the baby bottle and looked at their little faces. The twins called two of them in cuclib, then they both coughed, disgusted, and stared at me with awe. From the eyes of three months old, I read their insanity and my own uncertainty. I choked myself. How could I be so stupid? Why did I want to support someone else with completely different tasting, smelling and average milk when they got me at least half a liter a day? Who and what did I want to prove? It was a sober moment. Super Mommy and Region are closer to each other And they shook hands. It is understood that from now on, only mutual cooperation can be pursued, giving each other sufficient space. To this Superwoman admitted that the bar was an uplifting one, even though the day of her birth was horrible, when she had to shave with her wings for 12 hours after lying down and lying down. In the great steady storm, the boundaries between the two began to blur. And I realized that there is no fairy tale, this is me, a mixture of the two. I tried to shape our lives in the best way possible. Of course, I've made a lot of mistakes (and I make mistakes since then), but I've been pretty sure it's okay. And when the twins' first day of birth soon became apparent that I was expecting a baby again, I knew this baby would be born in a very good place. Because her mom will be the best: an eventual Super Mommy.Related Articles:
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