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Pregnant vitamins reduce the risk of autism

Pregnant vitamins reduce the risk of autism

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Another reason to take pregnant vitamin A during pregnancy! In fact, according to a research study, the baby is less likely to develop autism.

A new Israeli study involving more than 45,000 children found that infants whose mothers took multivitamins or folic acid during pregnancy had a significantly lower incidence than non-autistic patients. Researchers have collected all the information about prescription vitamins for pregnant women participating in the research. We then monitored the development of children born between 2003 and 2007 until January 2015 to find out which one was formed. autism spectrum disorder (ASD). About 600 children were diagnosed with the disorder. According to the results of the American Medical Journal, JAMA Psychiatry, the risk of developing ASD was 75% lower than in the infant who was taking folic acid or a multivitamin, or both. If the mother had taken these before she was pregnant, the risk reduction was slightly over 60%.Pregnancy vitamins reduce the risk of autism, however, the study was not entirely complete. Because the creators were not sure which mother was actually taking the prescription vitamins. And there are some who imagine they were taking non-prescription dietary supplements that the researchers were not aware of. According to research executives, further studies are needed to substantiate their assumptions. gyermekeknйl. Simply try to draw attention to the fact that in some cases you can contribute to the prevention of abnormalities. According to scientists, there are many other reasons for this ASD from genetics to older parents to environmental factors.Anyway, if you are expecting or planning to have a baby, It is worthwhile to start taking some kind of pregnancy vitaminas this can greatly reduce the chance of an open spine or different brain lesions. After all, even if we are eating super healthy, it is impossible to take as many vitamins and nutrients as a baby needs without dietary supplements.


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