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Benchmarking - You Can't Beat This!

Benchmarking - You Can't Beat This!

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The egg on the bottom is still there, but you need to keep your papers on the outside. It didn't take long to get all the supplies in time!

Certificate of registration

This is the first document you need to obtain to get your baby's official paper. Now that the information is being picked up in the hospital, bring the following with you to the birth:
- two parents' identity cards, residence cards,
- if you do not have the original marriage certificate, you can ask for a copy of it at the place of marriage,
- I do not marry a paternal statement of honor or marriage certificate. The latter is displayed by the maternity registry or office. A paternal statement of recognition can be made from the mother's place of residence, in each case by the registrar, personally. Required was the presence of the father and mother's identity card, residence certificate, pregnancy booklet, and both.
According to the place of birth, the document can be received at the registry office of the competent local authority in a couple of days, exclusively in person. If neither parent can go for it, the power of attorney, however, can buy the document.
If lost at any time, you can obtain a copy from your local government!


The baby's residence card is issued by the competent registry office in the place of birth, similar to the birth certificate. Anyway, you will need a parent's personal ID card and residence card for a fee-free assessment. At the same time as the birth registration, the mother may request that her name and phone number be entered, changed, or just entered on her birth certificate.


For newborns, you can apply for a taiga card by completing the form provided to the newborn. If the birth is not in the hospital, or the hospital does not instruct you, you will receive the birth certificate from the registrar's birth certificate. In all cases, the completed form shall be sent to the county (capital) health insurance fund by the registrar. The agency sends parents the postpaid voucher by post within 10 working days or up to a month after birth.

Maternity benefits

In Hungary, childbirth and family parties are subject to subjective rights. Pregnancy and childbirth assistance and childcare allowance are provided. It is best for you to bug yourself, what applies to you, we have found this page most useful: // They also call attention to different tricks and give tips for different difficult situations.
We can give you one: Post as much as you can. Nowadays there is hardly any office where you have to go in person, you do not have to queue with the baby. There are many places you can do electronic killing.