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Caused hair loss in a small child in Spain

Caused hair loss in a small child in Spain

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Infants who have inflicted insignificant hair on the body have a mixed, improperly packaged drug.

Marna Luisa Carcedo the Spanish Minister of Health said the manmade minoxidil was added to omeprazole labeled bottles. The former is effective in stopping baldness and hair loss, and the latter in reducing stomach acid.Caused hair loss in a small child in Spain Spanish health authorities are aware of seventeen cases in which parents have experienced an overgrowth of children because of the drug - added the mistress, he said.
The gift came from pharmacies based in Farma-Quнmica Sur, the capital of the United States.
"My child has had his forehead, face, arm, foot (...) sputtered like an adult," he said. Бngela In this she's worried about what bodily changes her six-month-old baby went through. Another, mother-in-law, mother-in-law talked about taking her three-month-olds from one doctor to the next, but they didn't find any explanation. We hypothesized that genetic hypertrichosis, or woodcock syndrome, could cause the symptoms. Parents were told by doctors that the hair will unexpectedly disappear from children's bodies, but it may take months.This page also states that further examinations are needed to determine what other side effects of the drug taken by mistake might be in the body of children, as there is no research. Because minoxidil is degraded, heart failure can occur.
The province of Cantabria, northern Spain, has ordered an investigation into this case, following a report of a family that has been defamed.
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