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Can I go swimming, bathe if you breastfeed?

Can I go swimming, bathe if you breastfeed?

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Of course, there is nothing to stop it! However, some precaution should be taken in order to protect yourself and your baby's safety.

Can I go swimming, bathe if you breastfeed?

There is a wide variety of water bodies in the common bathing waters, both on the beach, on the beach, and on the open-air baths. However, rare large dirt and neglect are also required to cause infections on the skin as well. Think that blind spots, scabies, scabies are also the gateway for the gurus! You will find interesting, detailed information on this on the Semmelweis University website dr. Ferenc Rozgonyi university professor describes the different types of infections that can be collected on the beaches, such as the diseases spread by rodents that you may not think of at first, as fungus infections snacks, freckled crumbs, mice, rats, and males who love to catch the appeal of the day even day by day. They are very cute, but less commonly known to carry leptospira bacteria that they can infect people. Therefore, make sure that your little slipper, toddler, all-in and out-of-the-box baby do not eat anything that has fallen on the ground or that is already on the ground. in pools with water temperatures above 30 degrees, there is a higher risk of infection.

Йp skin yes!

So, if you don't have any bruises on your breast, even a small, superficial bruise, you can calmly twitch between two breastfeedings. If you get out of the water, it is advisable to change to a wet swimsuit. Before you put the baby on, it is absolutely worthwhile to have clean water wash your breasts or take a shower to prevent the contaminated water from causing any problems. The chances of doing so are minimal if you are exclusively breastfeeding because of its significant protective potential. The infections that the baby swallows are easily and quickly neutralized by the protective substances in breast milk. after one year, the protective effect of breast milk) so if you are in the head of weaning or weaning, postpone it for a later period, when there is not so much stomach infection.

And what do the others say?

Public breastfeeding is a shared topic, though it should not be. You can breastfeed your baby anywhere, and the beach is no exception. It is up to you how discreetly you make it. Even on the most crowded beaches, you can breastfeed in a swimsuit so that no one takes it. With a bigger kid, you can tell in advance that you will only breastfeed at home, assuming that it would bother you that other people might notice. The fact is that the more intact are more prone to dryness when two to three years old or even older children are breastfeeding. Hungarian Association for Breastfeeding You can download her related posters here. If you print it, you can take it to your favorite beach and also alert starnd executives to creating a cozy baby-mom corner for those who prefer to breastfeed rather retarded.
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