What does it mean if your tummy hardens?

What does it mean if your tummy hardens?

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Most of the half-way through pregnancy, we experience this extraordinary, generally painless feeling: the muscles of my stomach tighten, our tummy hardens for a few seconds.

Relax a little when your tummy hardens

When a baby is under physical or psychological stress or undergoes strenuous physical work, hardness can be extremely dense, sometimes almost painful. We would do well to relax immediately and try to relax. Consider it a sign that warns you that you need to slow down the pace a bit, it is worth paddling in calmer waters. These soft boils do not indicate trouble in the majority of cases, and the "muscle" of the honeysuckle is barely normal. Typically, they think of relaxation in warm water, bathing, relaxing stroking, or at least rarely. If this is not the case, seek immediate medical attention, especially if there is mild bleeding, and labor. Even a second, third-year pregnant baby can be lost in the target line: is it the birth? Let's go to the school? Sometimes it's not that easy to decide. If we kept it there for a while, other signs would indicate a near-term birth: loss of cervical puncture, diarrhea, possibly nausea, radiated all the way to the sacrum, intense, usually periodic recurrence.Hint: Live your partner on the bed, give it a comfort. Put both of your warm palms on the tummy. Breathe together, evenly. Yews are relieved of it!Related Articles:
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