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There will be enough vaccination against meningitis

There will be enough vaccination against meningitis

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This week, the emergency relief from the Meningococcus B vaccine transient deficiency is resolved - the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition informed the public.

There will be enough vaccination against meningitis

As you have already added arrуl also hнrt korбbban the circulation Magyarorszбgon lйvх vakcinбk against meningococcal zцme beszerezhetх, the moment due gyбrtбskapacitбsi nehйzsйgek egyedьl oltуanyag against meningococcus B (Bexsero) is esetйben бtmeneti termйkhiбny.Az ellбtбs smooth biztosнtбsa йrdekйben the Orszбgos Gyуgyszerйszeti йs Йlelmezйs-egйszsйgьgyi Intйzet (OGYЙI ) has contacted several drug wholesalers, asking companies to seek foreign sources and apply for a quota import license to obtain the vaccine against Meningococcal B currently in Hungary. One of the wholesalers may be in stock by the end of last week, and two other drugstore companies have found a source, another vaccine shipment expected this week.Because of cerebral inflammatory news, the demand for vaccines has multiplied, despite the fact that the BNCT has repeatedly pointed out that there is no more than two months before Christmas, The Orphan's Office of Pharmacy and Nutrition is constantly monitoring supplies, the Director-General of the Institute dr. Csilla Pozsgay asks the pharmacists to order from the limited supplies available only in case of need, do not store excess inventory in the drug stores. Home physicians and pediatricians ask that the vaccine series be treated as a priority in order to start a new vaccine series, if necessary. serogroups are the most common pathogens. According to geographical distribution, different serogroups prevail in each country. In our country, the most common cases of B and C disease are the deaths due to infection with the C type in December. Further information on this topic is available on the BNTSZ website.
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