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How much damage can the Zika virus cause?

How much damage can the Zika virus cause?

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The trouble may be bigger than you thought.

It might seem normal for Zika virus-infected babies to think - reports the BBC referring to a recent study. Because of the vein, they are giving birth to baby babies. However, a recently published study says that virtually everything is normal, a baby infected with the virus has a normal idea. At the same time, Brazilian researchers warn that newborns may have severe brain damage due to the virus. In more severe cases, the little ones may die, but those who are over can develop mental disabilities or develop significantly slower than their peers.The researchers analyzed 1501 cases since February. It has been found that if the virus infects the baby during the 30th week of pregnancy, it can give birth to a small average headache with great certainty. However, small brains can still be damaged, so previous screening methods that specifically focus on microcephaly and maternal ruptures during pregnancy may a second wave is expected which, according to experts, is a cause for serious concern. In recent months, the disease has appeared in countries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic as well. So far, a total of 700 infections have been registered in the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries.