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Mom, you too! - A baby was feeding her mom during breastfeeding

Mom, you too! - A baby was feeding her mom during breastfeeding

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There was a video in the media about a baby boy feeding his mother while his mother was breastfeeding. Real win-win situation.

Breastfeeding feeds your mother during breastfeeding (photo: Zachary Goodwin even though she was only one year old, she knew that in order for her to live well, her mother had to eat. While her mother was breastfeeding, she fed her fries. Although her two year old video was made, she was now posted by her mother and then taken to Breastfeeding's Mama Talk Facebook page. The video was viewed by millions more. "At Los Reyes, we were a popular Mexican restaurant close to their home. I'd rather look back at it, "he said Paula Goodwin Good Morning America. Goodwin also said she was afraid that this sweet moment was being made and hoped that it would also help to make breastfeeding a normal condition.
"We appreciate that this moment is captured, very affectionate and also funny," Goodwin said. "We need to remember and support all moms in raising their child the best they can." (Via)Related articles in breastfeeding:
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