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This is the real reason why women freeze their egg cells

This is the real reason why women freeze their egg cells

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Nowadays, more and more women are choosing to freeze their egg cells. In the past, it was a common view that the decision was about career advancement, but now there are signs that it was annual information.

This is the real reason why women freeze their egg cells

Women are mostly not because of padding or higher skin postpone childhood, but simply they are looking for an ideal signwith whom to start a family.The research leader Kylie Baldwin has been examining the motivations of OEG women and it has clearly been found that instead of cold business and professional considerations, these women do not find the right choice, so they do not think you should. they also have the right father, because some of these women live in the right way, but they don't feel like their father is a character, so they are more likely to die, "says Baldwin. there were some who could be bears for possible treatments, but nowadays more and more healthy women are opting for this option. In the United Kingdom, 816 women made this decision in 204, a 25 percent increase over 2013, compared with just 29 in 2001.


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