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Transfiguration: Dorka's condition is improving rapidly

Transfiguration: Dorka's condition is improving rapidly

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On days, Dorka Máty, the 13-year-old girl who was the first to carry out a reprieve in Hungary, may return home from the hospital.

(The picture is just an illustration) This was said by Béla Merkely, clinical vice-rector of Semmelweis University on the actual M1 channel on Fridays. It stated: kйszнtettek korбbban 24 children in such beavatkozбsra, the mыtйteket Bйcsben vйgeztйk in Hungarian orvosok.Merkely Bйla remarked Magyarorszбg the transzplantбciу terйn "vilбghatalomnak szбmнt" because tнzezer fцlй йrt the szervбtьltetйsek szбma, in December last year and the vйgrehajtottбk цtszбzadik szнvбtьltetйst home. On Wednesday, it was announced that the first Hungarian child lung transplantation would be performed; a 13-year-old Dorka suffering from cystic fibrosis, a very poor health condition, was placed on the transplant list in December last year. Semmelweis University (SE) and the Institute of Oncological Education (OOI) Miklós Ksler, OOI's chief medical officer, said it was extremely unfortunate that the baby's surgery had been successful at home. He pointed out that since 2015 - after an adult transplant in Hungary - only one Hungarian patient had to be operated in Vienna. According to the professor child molestation is very rare worldwide, the number of such interventions does not exceed one hundred in the world. Attila Szabу, SE I Gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​klinikбjбnak igazgatуja minхsнtette bravъrosnak the beavatkozбst, йs hozzбtette the kйt intйzmйny high szнnvonalъ professionals, цsszehangolt munkбja made lehetхvй magyarorszбgi the child tьdхtranszplantбciуt.Jelenleg the intйzmйnyben vйgzik kйtszбz children transzplantбciуs utуgondozбsбt, 2005-2018 kцzцtt huszonцt Hungarian children received New Account tьdхt, they бm beavatkozбsokat the Bйcsben vйgeztйk.Elek Jenх, the OOI aneszteziolуgiai йs kцzponti intenzнv terбpiбs osztбlyбnak vezetхje the kislбny mыtйt elхtti бllapotбrуl said Dorothy suffered veleszьletett cisztбs fibrуzisban, йs due to betegsйg one side egyбltalбn was not tьdхfunkciу, he founded the lйgmell tьdх mбsik oldalбn Who.With this genetic disease, 20-22 children are born each yearbut not all patients get very serious, ”said the professor. Ferenc Rinyi-Vmosmos, associate professor of the Department of Chest Surgery at the Semmelweis University Institute of Oncology, OOI, said that the surgery lasted for six people. As he put it, he is proud to be able to perform such a major intervention in Hungary. The baby in the operation said the first breath was difficult, "but now I am fit". "After the surgery, I had so much air that I felt there was air in my stomach as well," the little girl said happily. Dorka's "boots list" has many plans, she wants to learn how to ski, get to Austria with her cousins ​​and travel a lot to "push through these 13 years".


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