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I can hardly imagine myself stepping into the glass door of the Roosevelt Square exclusive office building with five-minute leggings. But as the elevator flies, I find another world. It's really a private house, an island of expertise and tranquility.

- When we dreamed of giving birth to the capital's first private house, we put a greater emphasis on service and comfort than any domestic institution, - says dr. Elemer Illanitz, head of birth. - The curly guys couldn't tell us what to do with them, because they only think in linoleum and tiles. But birth does not primarily require hospitalization, but at home. Disinfected, waterproof wood cover, warm, soft colors, lights. Naturally, ours is just like a state hospital, or we have a living room where we can carry a baby in the traditional way, in a great, comfortable, comfortable baby bed. The other, alternate room has all the amenities your mind might want: a large "henchman", meaning a comfortable mattress pod, a physiological ball, handrails, and a butterfly. The light, fragrance and music can also be chosen by the pregnant mother. Anyone can be inside and out of the hospital, it is up to the family to decide how to adapt, keeping patient safety and professional needs in mind. We never intervene in the birth process, nor do we hurry up the process. The baby is examined by a baby until the end, and the doctor is watching in the back. Grafting is a surgical procedure that does not need to be performed routinely and only when justified. Our baby is very experienced in defensive protection.
The traditional living room is also a childbirth apartment, so the family can relax at the home. From the alternate room, there are a few meters from the baby room, where you can spend the first night with the family. Of course, the baby can be constantly with his / her parents, if the adaptation problem arises, the incubator is placed next to the mother's bed. If you have a bigger problem, close clinical contacts with the private hospital can help to keep the baby in intensive care in the short term.
After childbirth, the clinic spends two nights with a cesarean section if there is no need for longer care. On the first three days after returning home, the baby, infant baby and, if needed, the pediatrician visit the family daily.
Facts, figures
- There is an alternative and a traditional nursery.
- One wedding apartment, plus 15 spa beds if needed.
- The baby can be with his parents day and night.
- Epidural and spinal anesthesia can be requested 24 hours a day.
- Csalбdtervezйsi konzultбciу, termйkenysйgi vizsgбlatok full kцrы lab йs nхgyуgyбszati ​​kivizsgбlбs, everything kiterjedх terhesgondozбs, szьlйsfelkйszнtх foglalkozбsok, kismamajуga, kismamamasszбzs, intimate gymnastics - all elйrhetх Mama Rose szolgбltatбs kцrйben, йs korlбtlan szбmъ konzultбciуval medical vizittel.
- Moms and babies can be visited at any time in their room.
Vaginal birth without sensation: 590 000 Ft
Vaginal birth sensation: 730,000 Ft
Cutting: $ 880,000