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So Prevent Pregnancy Pregnancy!

So Prevent Pregnancy Pregnancy!

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It is not the same as cellulite, but occurs in the same places. There are several reasons why striae can develop, let's see if we can do something to prevent it.

So Prevent Pregnancy Pregnancy!

On the critical body, the hips, the buttocks and the abdomen around the abdomen appear predominantly purple or reddish in color. Our leather is made up of three layers of leather, leather, leather and leather. The collagen fibers found in the skins run on the female cross, which means that during pregnancy the skin is able to relax and rebuild. However, if these are the fibers are weak, then they are just interrupted so the stroke develops. It is more common for small children to develop stretch marks during pregnancy when they are as likely to develop in the ascendant. genetic background these strains can be caused by genetic defects mobility lifestyle, poor nutrition too.


If the causes are not of genetic origin, then consider the following:
  • Neither the body nor our skin is affected by sudden weight loss. Avoid the weight loss back-to-weight jojo effect.
  • Tightens and moisturizes the skin with linseed oil, light oil, used in body lotions.
  • We should also pay attention to our weight during pregnancy.
  • It is very important to take 2-3 liters of fluid a day, preferably in the form of water.
  • Pregnant women also need to pay attention to healthy nutrition, but because of their skin, it is very important to eat raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs and fish.
  • Cold and hot water baths tighten the skin and increase blood circulation.
  • Regular sports and exercise can prevent the formation of hips.
  • Increased zinc and silicon intake can do a lot for your skin.
  • Use externally, high in vitamins A and E.
Different types of rewards they are not eliminated stretch marks, once they have formed, but can be weakened, reduced. It also effectively reduces stretch marks with body wrapping, laser treatment or mesotherapy. Deeper, older stretch marks tend to respond worse to treatments than other fresh counterparts.Related articles in pregnancy related topics: