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Do I really need to buy all these things?

Do I really need to buy all these things?

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I do not wonder if you go crazy as you enter a baby dress. But don't worry, you don't have to buy everything. We know what's going on in your head, we'll answer to the best of our knowledge.

Will we need a baby watch?

It is reassuring to know the baby is safe, even when you are cooking in another corner of the house, you are cooking. But you can always take it with you everywhere, even inside your home, or you may find it most comfortable to carry around at home, so you won't need any gadgets. You allow the baby to purchase for the time that you are already in the market, have a daily routine, and find out if you need it. Most babies operate with digital data transmission, ensuring low-frequency transmission with no interference. There are also combinatorial devices equipped with a flare monitoring sensor, and even video surveillance systems. By the way, be sure to pay attention to the power as well. Note that for concrete, reinforced concrete parts the performance is reduced.

It is worth taking care of everything before the baby is born

Can we buy the baby in advance?

It is useful to buy in advance, so you do not have to spend time after the baby arrives, and you can take him home from the hospital in a safe place. It is best to buy it in a place where you can get professional help to buy it. Note that not all cars have ISOFIX fastening systems. Check that the seat complies with ECE 44-03 and 44-04. Only dealers bearing this mark may be marketed by dealers. You only buy a used car from an owner that you know has not had an auto accident. One and only one outburst for sure!

Will I need a breast or other breastfeeding aid?

You should only buy this in advance if you know you are in work for the first year or have to leave your baby at home regularly because of the lack of activity at home. There is no need for regular milking, and if you rarely need to contain milk, you can do it manually. Use other aids (feeding, nipple, milk collecting cup) only if recommended by a breastfeeding nurse or breastfeeding nurse. So, buy everything in advance when you need it, but think ahead about where to get it. If you have a premature or sick baby, it is a good idea to start milking within six urns.

Are we gonna need a flamethrower?

Some people keep their baby safe by constantly checking their breathing during their little sleep. If you are part of the public eye, be sure to learn what to do when a machine baby alert is being advertised in many places. Also check out what are the factors that reduce the risk of sudden infant death. Now we only mention a few: smoke-free environments, non-smoking parents, exclusive breastfeeding until mid-year, and sleeping in the immediate vicinity.

What stroller should we buy?

Today, there are strollers that are super lightweight, versatile, trendy, multi-functional, sporty, romantic, even jogging or biking. And it is fashionable. Before you get confused, think about your own needs! If you do not have the right paths and roads in your neighborhood, a little wheeled car will make everyday life bitter. Greater than 16 inches in diameter, you can easily mistake it for mistakes where walking is less. When switching between multifunctional trolleys, it is important to keep all the tools (buckles, clamps, lugs) available for conversion, which could render the whole trunk unusable. If you plan to use it in public transport, it is important that you will be in trouble if you have to take the bus or tram alone. can be folded using a complicated method. There are some that can be "flush mounted" with one movement, and other models have to be almost disassembled to fit into the boot.
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