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Test books: What to read with your older ones when your family is full?

Test books: What to read with your older ones when your family is full?

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It's not a story circulating among moms that the big one first knows there's someone in the tummy than the test would show. However, this is not enough to complete your request for a brother, and a well-chosen book can do you a good job.

Test books: What to read with your older ones when your family is full?

Alona Frankel: Elephant Book. They're giving birth to Kiselefan.
Bratislava Pagony Ltd., 2011.
For children aged 2-5 years
1650Fun Very small first hand and parents wanting to publish: nice and expressive drawings of the devastated big brother, who feels it, he writes. What is it like when in the jungle of color the common man and the laughter are replaced by loneliness, neglect because, according to the white elephant, no one is paying attention? Without the text, it is a good idea to interpret the story as a fraternity solution.Finy Petra: That's it
Bratislava Pagony Kft, 2009.
For children aged 2-5 years
1890 FtThis is a fantasy story written in the tongue of a child, narrated by Emma, ​​the great ovis. What path does a mother and a big woman grow into the tummy while the little one grows up? What happens after birth that the new birth will develop? What do you think your little accomplice looks like next to the big one? Requests such as these are also addressed in this basic.Kinga Csapody: I ​​became Tesou - Why and what a little girl you are
Manу Books Publishing Ltd., 2014.
For 3-6 year olds
1990 FtTypically reading with parental help (and it is worth pushing the age range over to the bigger ones), a small one is not the only thing worth noting, but a new one. It gives funny and nice tips on how to get pregnant to help their mother, or how to get out of the sibling.Liane Schneider: Bori and a Small Test
Manу Books Publishing Ltd., 2016.
For 3-6 year olds
790 FtA My Bible, Bori series final edition, with classic story guides, a little didactically. The fairy tale tells Borit how to involve the family in baby-related traditions, decisions, and she's excited, eager, impatient, eager, and bloody.Harry Horse: Little Brother's brother
General-Press Publication, 2011.
For 3-6 year olds
1800 FtCute story, with very sweet drawings, and with a keen eye, wraps around the little brother very carefully, plus three babies arrive in the bunny family. The little bunny, who is already looking like a big bunny with the arrival of the body, is trying to get some of the little things done, but unfortunately, things aren't going as well as he planned. Soft boring is a pretty weird decision for the target age group. + 1 Marie-Claude Monchaux: The shitty little girl
Mуra Book Publisher, 2012.
For 3-6 year olds
1890 FtWhich is not a very special issue, but it is a classic classic, which we may have shot ourselves. The book, originally published in 1971, was released by the Murray Fortunately again, so your child can play a big part in preparing for the second round of tummy tuck. A little girl, Marika, tells the story, from the time her parents died, to being born and brought home from the church. A fine little glimpse of how a human child grows up in his mother's belly and how it comes to light.
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