Which is your favorite child?

Which is your favorite child?

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It's not okay to talk about it, but we all know: There are no parents who want their children equally. Let's go through one of the last taboos and admit it, at least among ourselves, that every parent has a favorite. But we don't have to tie this in everyone's nose.

Ask any Liberal parent if you have ever felt that you love a child more than anything else, and we find that there is no one who admits he really has favorite. But if we are crafty and approach the request from the other side, I'm worried about whether their parents are making a difference and testvйreik between us, we can be sure that your complaint will begin. There is no child who has not felt that his parents are more fond of his brother, that he has been more concerned about love or material things. And it can also be painful for an adult.

I'm not lying to myself

Anna does not really want to say that she is getting closer to her smaller girl. This is, of course, something he would never tell his children, but he doesn't feel guilty about it. "I make every effort to get the same in everything. Happy kiss, care, care, play. The bigger point is like my daddy: big, violent, violent. I never could have had a bad rap with my dad. Sharp and sometimes you can laugh at them because they have a great sense of humor, but being with them is like dancing on eggs. It is uncomfortable, weird, and there is always a whiff in the air. , simple, friendly and very popular in the class. He has a lot of friends and testvйrйvel well come out. Everyone who knows it, got it right. Yeah. I know it's not right that I like her more than her brother, but I can't do roula. Most of them are like him. However, when I tell my friends what I feel, everyone gets upset and teaches me that this is not right. I didn't understand why. I don't lie to myself and I try to control things, not like others. Gréti often complains that I like my brother morelike oh, but I always deny it. I wouldn't be able to tell the truth in my eyes. It's like I'm mad at her. And I can't do that with him. I really like it because I'm her mother. I have to protect everything. Me too. But I can't change what I feel. And we really mix it up with hell. "

Keep it a secret!

"It is perfectly normal for some people to get out better than others. There is nothing special about this phenomenon being observed within the family," he explains. Great Brigitta psychologist. "Normally, of course, this does not mean that one child is more comfortable with the parent than the other, because he loves them all. Rather, it is an involuntary, uncontrollable sign that she smiles more on one, more forgiving if she makes a mistake. Since we can't do this, it's best not to deal with it much like Ann. You don't have to be compensated, you don't have to feel guilty. As long as we love and dismiss both, it doesn't matter if we have a secret pet. However, it is important that this remains a secret. Come on. It's something we don't even need to share with our children, even when they've grown up, their own children are. To hear that they are less loved, he can do great wounds even in old age. "

Very, but not equally

Whether or not to be a favorite is a very controversial question. "Mom's Favorite" is generally happier, more balanced, and full of life - but less often, when you get out of the family circle, you often get big slaps. A less favored child with a lack of parental encouragement has a high chance of having a miscarriage, many times over, because he wants to prove that he is worth as much as his brother.
Denied or not, favorites are the beginning of the world. It's part of the family life. Ideally, each child will find an adult who will have a heart. One is the mother, the other is the father, the third is the grandmother and so on. If everyone has a good time in the family, then you don't have to worry about it anymore. It is never worthwhile to organize many common family fun programs that reinforce the ropes and try to give time to each of our children, even if you feel that your hobby, your character is gone. Let's go out with the cosmic movement, sell the rest. Give them a chance to be allowed into their world and see it as a journey that enriches us. After all, this is where the parent comes from.

What decides who will be your favorite?

  • Experience: Being a parent with a lot of nervous people, especially if the child is sick, mom is aggуdуsand a lot of tension in the family. All of these sensations also attract the little ones. If a lightweight pregnancy gives birth to a relaxed baby who can be handled with ease by a routine mother, it will make the baby feel better and more attracted to her.
  • Tьkцrkйp: Everyone prefers people like him. This works even if it is our own child. A homely, relaxed mom will find it harder to find the key to the space movement and feel better about being calm, hesitant.
  • Hasonlуsбg: As soon as the child is born, the idea of ​​who is like will start immediately. Not by accident: we love to see the traits of our loved ones in the little one. "I love it" - let's just say if you do what we do. But what if the kid looked like a relative we didn't like? Then he will become the "father's kind". A child like our mother may not be our pet - but maybe her father will love it because she reminds her of her mother ...
  • Fantбzia: It's still baby, but we've got the idea of ​​life in March. What it will be like to grow up, to learn, to love. But often the child will be different, and this can be a disappointment. Not surprisingly, "good" kids who fulfill the syllables will be more likely to be favorites, while rebellies are harder to accept.

Are the twins the same?

One would think that identical twins can only be loved in the same way, but this is a great savior. Although they are born the same way to differentiate them from each other, they work in the parents' age. It will become one + willful, the other "quiet", and depending on which property is valued in the family, one tiny child will be closer to the parents than the other one. twins will be confident, popular in school and good at learning ikerpбr the other half, however, will make life less successful in every area. With fewer friends, worse grades, and more problematic behavior. It's like a self-fulfilling proposition that the less beloved child tries to draw attention to himself or herself by behaving badly, but instead removes his or her parents who feel better about him or her.