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Not too far from the noise of the city, you can bring your baby to the world in a picturesque setting, in the comfort of your family, who does not regret the money to spend the best of three days.

As you like! - to summarize the generosity in the treatment of the needs of the mother-in-law and their relatives in her eleventh year. Initially, foreigners used the services of a private house, as most foreign insurers charged the costs.
Domestic patients are now overwhelming, though the ratio is still half that in birth. The country comes from all parts of the country, and even the Hungarian-populated areas of the surrounding countries. For the time being, foreign peoples who are paying social security contributions (so have a valid insurance), but are born in a private institution, are insisted on by the OEP.
95 percent of couples need one of their relatives to stay with their baby after childbirth. The same is the case with the presence of the father in the groom: the overwhelming number of couples demands it. It is therefore natural for a baby born with a cup to be placed immediately on her mother's chest in the operating room and then held by the father until the operation is completed.

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You can be born with a "taken" doctor or a nurse, but this requires the doctor and the nurse to sign a contract with us. You can order any kind of food from the room by telephone from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, but of course you can also order it in the dining room - list dr. Fenyhhzi Yen Head of Department when I ask what else this place is like. I also think about that for a moment. After all, anyone who comes here to see that everything is nice, comfortable, like in a wellness hotel, has nothing to say about the usual hospital environment, smell, mentality.
The ground-floor restaurant, the café, the reception and the beautiful park will reassure the person who forgets their intervention and switches to a relaxed lifestyle. In the site, the person can be born from the 35th week. If the baby is to be delivered to an intensive care unit, this will be done by a new ambulance service, and the hospital will provide maternity and breast milk when needed. They are also prepared for unexpected situations, and due to their transfusion status, they can also perform an emergency bleeding immediately.Facts, figures
  • Yearly birth number: 320
  • Ratio of cuttings: 35 percent
  • Pregnant care: 10 times, sometimes 20 000 Ft, with packing solution
  • Birth can be done by any number of donors.
  • There are three living rooms, one of which is an alternative.
  • Price of birth: 480 000 HUF, with a stay for two days, with a newborn care
  • Epidural Sensation: $ 25,000
  • The price for cesarean section: 590 000 Ft
  • You can choose between 8-9 main parents.
  • Each room has a two-bedroom, bedroom, internet, bathroom, the cost of staying in the room is included.
  • The father can go for cesarean section if he wants.
  • Parenting course with bean massage education at the Buda Castle Hospital.
  • More information: www.telkihospital.hu
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