Characteristics of the narcissistic mother

Characteristics of the narcissistic mother

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It is not easy to grow up with a narcissistic parent. Nymboy, not at all empathetic, manipulative. Of course, his personality is deeply depressing, but it won't make his environment any easier.

It's like growing up with a narcissistic mother!We hear more and more of the narcissistic personality type, not really Gyorgy Bбnki psychiatrist wrote the book. Stephen Johnson according to the psychologist, "it is a narcissist who, in his early deaths, buries his own self-expression, replacing it with a highly advanced, overcompensated, mistaken lineage." In psychology, the concept represents a personality disorder, but its borders are blurred. Its value can be different: lonely, precise, closed, brittle, manipulative. The main characteristic of a narcissistic mother, as opposed to a well-functioning mother, is that she does not allow room for self-aggrandizement, in part because she is also able to seduce her child and in part to manipulate her. The narcissistic mother uses the child herself as an extension to feed her narcissism. It is characterized by total emotional neglect and intrusive behavior. The narcissistic parent is characterized by excessive control over the child, self-centeredness, the needs of the indifferent child, and the effect that his behavior exerts on the child. It teaches your child that his or her needs are more difficult than those of a parentMain features of the narcissistic mother:- Manipulates, blames, empowers the child
- Keeps the child under control by setting himself or herself as a bully and / or victim
- A nasty, despotic baby
- The world revolves around parents' needs and expectations, so expect the child
- Manages the child as property
- She's very good for her baby, competing with her
- Parents' needs must be met by children at a very young age
- The role of the parent-child is reversed: the child becomes the parent of his / her own parents, having to perform tasks that would not be the child's but the adult's.
- Every situation has its own senses and problems: when a child comes up with a problem, he or she responds to his or her own problems. A narcissistic mother is not able to give her child a sense of security, warmth, and unconditional love. Rather, growing up with a narcissistic parent means that the child can only count on himself / herself, he / she has to adjust at an early age, to feel that he / she has no one to count and to be alone in the world.Related articles in the subject:
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