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Esther's Diary - Week 36

Esther's Diary - Week 36

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Esther is slowly in the finish, but she's still breaking a German exam, sure, sure.

The tongue was the language exam. For days I barely slept in front of it, night and day being rampant, I was like a washed rag in my German elementary school. Only one other girl examined me, just to get her diploma completed. I was exhausted under two-and-a-half hours, the fiberglass levels were not at a basic level, the leaves were much better. In the end, he's still a tune-up, and in a few days he'll be taking his oral exam. You don't count on me, the problem is that I don't know how much you expect at basic level, even if you have points, you unintentionally take the intermediate exams. Sultan was useful for writing letters, but since each letter takes twenty minutes, it was not worth getting into the words very much, as time goes by. The pace had to be well distributed as well. My friend, I asked the Dyrits for the starbucks, "all" was like two, at least 5 kilos. Giza put them in her backpack, took her to the exam site in the morning, put the books on my desk, and when I was done, got back and went home. It hurt me too ... because my power was running out and my legs were swelling the most in those hot days. Brown was well behaved and didn't bother me, say, I couldn't eat properly from warmth and dukle, so he was slower, poor.
Meanwhile, the time for the last ultrasound has arrived. Our favorite sonographer is all right about 3 kilos (now 2800 grams). After the ultrasound, we have an appointment with Babik, my recommended-choice baby. She seems to be a middle-aged, very sympathetic, rational thinking woman. As you drive through your buttocks and your baby's womb, my stomach collapses, there is no doubt that there is no escape, and the baby is getting closer. Afterwards you will see the big rubber ball (you will be able to), the shower (probably hot water in butter), the French bed (if you want to romanticize in the middle of the night) !) and the father (Between Friends?), Babika affixes a rubber band to my stomach, which is a small instrument that measures the sound of the baby and the wheezing. In these cases, it is worth waking up the bubble to get more accurate values, a little chocolate or green tea has cost me so far ... After the NST, a vaginal examination will follow, they will have a streptococcal smear, and then they will open. Is this you? - Please. "Absolutely," he says, because it's at least 2-3 ounces from the butter. She wants me to have a week without birth because week 37 is not considered premature. You won't love me, I don't want to give birth anymore, because I have to go to a wedding and to a saddle too! And I want to go back to Balchi, too, because without a kiss, I won't love this farther. Thanks to God for the stem cell work, we talked to Gaelic all the time, whether to live with it or not, but an inner voice hugged him all the time, I think if you give it to me, And I believe in it. I think this whole stem cell thing is a life insurance or something like that ... If God forbid you ever need it, it will be very nice to be able to help Barnin (or even your brother) if we can only relieve it with pain, we will still feel that every penny has made it. Fortunately, there are more packages available, so everyone can choose as much as they can.
And finally, thanks to Saint Barthy, who, in the mean time, gave birth to a delightful little boy (the peculiar Mogyi, whose hair is shaken!) And who Normally - as if it were possible to skin this whole thing - he told me what it was.