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P like red butt

P like red butt

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We do not like having lumpy babies popping red spots or protrusions, and this can also cause infants to have dull minutes. We collected prevention and cure methods.

P like red butt

Every mother knows the basic rule: if you are a baby, think about the following! Йhes? Fбradt? Are you looking for a nudge? If you exclude everything, look into your diaper! And if you find not only pee or pouch, but also red butt, you have found the cause of the unrest. Many babies can cry bitterly due to diaper rash, which causes difficult days for the whole family. But what is the difference between baby skin, which ranges from a pale red on one to two spots, to a deeply inflamed, wicked, moist spot?

What does leatherwear say?

Sensitive babyspox redness (in jargon, diaper dermatitis, which means skin inflammation in the diaper-covered area) always indicates inflammation, which may be bacterial, fungal or viral in origin; or, in exceptional cases, several at a time.
Reasoning up and Choosing the right cream will usually solve the "sensitive" situation. First, it's best to show your pediatrician or nurse; in case of stubborn, recurrent inflammation, turn to a more skincare who may suggest a "blend" instead of the ointments that are available. Many pediatricians have their own special popsicle creams, which are also made in pharmacies, but that does not always provide a solution to individual cases. Leather case has a greater experience with the use of different components, and it will be more personalized and, by the way, more affordable than the pharmaceutical grade.
- Finding the Sin in the Background of Inflammation is Particularly Important for Diapers - says dr. Selling Born leather shoes. - There are several reasons for this infection, but in any case, it can be caused by the very delicate equilibrium of the baby's skin. After that, there is no stopping, and the wet, dark medium beneath the diaper prays the lazy.

Wherever you might think

Very often, inadequate laundry and detergents are a mistake, It's Worth Choosing Cleaner Materials for Your Baby's Laundry, and linen in contact with the skin, for washing. Many times, the meal is the goose. If your baby's stomach can't digest everything yet, the stomachs in the stomach may be a problem - typically citrus, tomato or dairy products. Notice what you are giving your baby or if you are breastfeeding what you are eating! If you are suspicious of certain foods, make sure you sign up for the meal, and if so, leave the sins out of the diet.
With inflamed butt, you should always think about soap. In this case, a child's fungal infection in the mouth will "end" throughout the bowel system and eventually (typically a few days less) in the diaper area. It is important to treat both oral and buttocks at the same time. The former is usually brushed with barrax glycerol, the latter with a mushroom cream.
- If the child is toothy, ill or digestive, the skin is also thinner and, for example, substances in incompletely digested diets may multiply, causing infection. Anna Miklуs childrenswear.
There are more serious, but fortunately rare cases. Such a virus-borne eye, eczema, or glottis in the diaper area will always require specialist care.Cream it!
Some popcorn can solve several problems at the same time. Generally, the anti-inflammatory zinc oxide is one of the essential ingredients, while the other is a moisture-depleting, lignin-effective lanolin or cod liver oil. The following ingredients are based on what the ointment focuses on:
If the skin is "just" red, anti-inflammatory (Neogranormon, Bepanthen) or disinfecting creams (such as Betadine, Sudocrem) can be used.
Gombafertхzйsnйl antifungal ointments (ointments or pharmacy creams containing barex recommended by the pediatrician).
It has worse wounds, when the spell is broken, the spiders can come (like Neogranormon, Sudocrem). It is important that Neogranormon, which is frequently used, contains a minimum amount of hormone, and therefore continuous use is not recommended.
It does not heal or return, for severe inflammation of the skin, the skin can also recommend steroid cream. This will fail within a day or two, but care should be taken to stop the drug gradually, not one moment at a time, and then treat the area thoroughly as the steroid weakens the skin so it can be harmless again.
Added a treatment homeopathic remedies are also recommended, which may be recommended by a skin specialist and a cause.

9 previous tips

Avoiding possible causes is already a success!
  1. Try to change your diaper often, don't leave your baby with a pee or kakis too much!
  2. Leaving your baby naked in good times or in a warm home, lots of ventilation and sunshine will always be good for your skin, and inflammation will heal faster.
  3. Keep moisture away as you can! The buttocks are all suitable because of their grease, but if you are in trouble, you can use home practices, apply oil or pigs under the diaper, especially for the night when you have to keep the diaper for longer.
  4. There are also frequent and sensitive neck babies, very sensitive skin babies, especially with frequent cleansing and skin protection.
  5. It may be enough to wash your baby's skin with clean, warm water. If you need more, try using "cleaner", more natural laundry detergents, and opt for less aggressive detergents whenever possible!
  6. Never use any rinse aid for your baby's skin, as it will remain in the fabric after washing.
  7. Use a water-free, fragrance-free or oily cloth and always carefully remove ointments!
  8. Do not apply a thick layer of butt, as only the diaper's moist capacity is reduced!
  9. If the above do not work, buy a diaper or try a washable diaper. It is best to dry the laundry outdoors.

The article, along with other exciting topics - a Pregnant Magazine Read it in the October 2010 issue.
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