From lustful to lustful

From lustful to lustful

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It doesn't hurt to know the gentle remedies that can be used during pregnancy. We are now offering a book on homeopathy for help.

Homeopathy and the Pregnant Women Book are not only easy to follow homeopathic remedies for common problems during pregnancy, but also for the period of childbirth. Szerzхje Dr. Claudette Rocher you are a midwife who has decades of experience in the book, and deals specifically with the basics of healing, home application, and limitations. Particular mention is made of the effects of poor birth and breastfeeding.

From lustful to lustful

"Little babies are becoming more open to the benefits of homeopathy, and physicians are increasingly aware of the mild method of healing," he said. Dr. Цdцn of Subotica baby, female, homeopathic doctor, specialist in homeopathy and women's SpringMed publishing at book presentation. Experience has shown that in 2-3 days you can terminate your pregnancy pregnancy loss! - dr. However, care should be taken to see if the complaint can be dealt with primarily through homeopathy alone! the doctor added, since homeopathy is not a miracle cure, so in many cases it should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. The book also helped the layman distinguish between when to treat symptoms and when to seek medical attention! Pregnant mothers with the underlying disease can also use existing allopathic medicines and have no adverse effects on the fetus, the expert said.

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"We have used homeopathy in the birth period for more than 10 years at Jasperian House, and mothers need the alternative, natural methods "She told about her experiences dr. Цrdцg Jбnos also a midwife who has read in a scholarly journal 10 years ago that a 5 homeopathic Serbian was complete can make birth easier, some miracles happen.It secretly took it to the birth room and began to try it: experienced 3-4 out of 10, the breast became thinner, shortened the mother they bought the barriers more easily. Homeopathy is not a panacea, but it has helped a lot, the expert added. As they started to apply the drugs one by one according to the symptoms, they still had more success in giving birth to 10 out of 10 children. Homeopathy has also helped in the pre-natal phase: some drugs from weeks 32 to 36 they prepare the mother and the mother during birth and in post-natal mice, it is able to reduce bleeding, assist in the birth of a litter, and has done double-blind placebo-controlled trials in this institution. Jana, who discovered that using homeopathic remedies to reduce blood loss and recover, was also faster. The toddler has a good effect too, with 1-2 gauge values ​​for the better. After 3-4 days of childbirth, it is effective in relieving pain and starting milk selection. natural solutions.Buy it at!


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