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How old should a child have his own phone?

How old should a child have his own phone?

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There is no unambiguous rule that parents allow their children to have their own cell phone at the age of one. On average, children get their first cell phone at age 10.

How old should a child have his own phone?A 2016 study found that children On average, they receive a cell phone at the age of 10, but there is also a tendency as parents get older to buy their first cell phone for their children. What might be surprising at first is that not only professionals think it, but dads who run the world's largest computing company. You think Bill Gates, a Microsoft-based they are everywhere in the world. But Gates - who has three children: Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe - only gave her kids a cellphone when they were 14.
"At the table when we were dining together, there was no mobilization, and by the age of 14, the kids had no cell phones at all. Of course, they complained that the rest of the kids had enough," Gates told The Mirror. In the interview, Gates also said that their children should stop mobile at certain times each day, "it helps them to fall asleep at good times."
Apple-based Steve Jobs thought the same way. According to a New York Times article, her kids didn't use an iPad. "We limit the kind of laptops that kids can use," he said. It was also strict that he did not allow any gadgets during the course. It may come as a surprise, but many parents who deal with software development and computing think alike. The New York Times article is based on:
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Gates also said in an interview that it's best for parents to help their children learn how to use technology, for example. homework or maintaining friendly relationships, but they also need to be taught when it's unnecessary. There are many dangers to smart people: malicious content, online harassment, and addiction. Studies show that too much traveling can have a detrimental effect on sleep, school performance. That is why it is important that children use these tools in a controlled and controlled way. Children will, of course, complain that other children have access to their smartphones and the Internet without restrictions. But remember, you owe it to your family, you care for your children (via
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