8 remedies for cold sores

8 remedies for cold sores

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Although tinnitus is an unpleasant and confusing thing, fortunately it does not always indicate a serious illness. There are a number of reasons you can choose and there are many ways to treat it.

Home remedies, natural ingredients, often really relieve cold sores. However, if you have pain for more than 24 hours, it is definitely worth consulting your doctor, as you may have a more serious problem in your back. However, we will show you 8 home practices that are worth trying in case of cold sores.


Put a cold, wet pad on the child's lap for 20 minutes. This may reduce the risk of inflammation.


Thousands of years of garlic are used by humanity - yes, also for cabbage. It is also called a natural painkiller, so it is worth eating raw.


Keep the cinnamon in the warm clothes for 20 minutes. This can temporarily relieve the pain. Even with cold numbness and prevention of inflammation, warm it relaxes muscles and improves blood flow.


This is not a natural practice anymore, but there are times when you do not use it. Note that those whose drumsticks have cracked should not be used as an overdose!


Ibuprofen-containing painkillers can also help relieve heartburn. However, be careful not to cover up another symptom!

Бllva sleep

We admit we haven't tried it yet, but we recommend it too. This posture helps to reduce pressure in the ear. In fact, it is already enough to put a little extra pillow under your child's head so that you can rest in an upright position.


Anyone who has been flying with a child must be familiar with this practice. Namely, the movement of the gears reduces the pressure evenly, so it can relieve the lobe.

Deal with anything else

Particularly for children, one of the best solutions is to divert your attention. With games, story-telling, or exercise, the point is not to focus on the little one (via)Related articles in this topic:
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