Actually, there are thousands of babies born at 370 grams

Actually, there are thousands of babies born at 370 grams

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So, one week before the date, on the 23rd, an American baby boy was born at 370 grams.

Ellonn Smartt she was pregnant during the 23rd week of pregnancy when her amniotic fluid ran out, and doctors performed emergency cesarean section a few days later. The Iowa woman and partner, Jordan MorrowDoctors have been prepared to be very aware that a newborn baby will not survive the procedure. "We have completely collapsed, so I felt my heart was shattered," Smartt said. Jaden Wesley Morrow He was born on July 11th, and just 370 grams depressed. "He also moved his hands and feet, and seemed to try to breathe uneasily," the mother said.The smaller the premature baby, the worse his chances are Such extreme early birth is extremely rare. Premature babies who are born in the world between the 20th and 25th weeks are considered perivial, ie the fetus His chances of survival are extremely low, there is almost no chance of this happening, the turning point is the 24th week, at which the transient ratio is 50 percent, hence every week there is a greater and greater chance that the newborn will grow better and better.Jaden has barely reached 370 grams Jaden's condition is stable, she needs to be restored, and she has to deal with minor and major infections. She is constantly receiving breast milk and is developing day by day. According to medical specialists, he must remain in the hospital for at least the time of his or her original birth, ie the beginning of November. The baby's parents also launched a donation site, where in a matter of days the target amount was pooled. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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