Energy drink! You got an idea?

Energy drink! You got an idea?

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Sometimes you feel like you're wasting fatigue. But is the energy drink a good choice?

Energy drink! You got an idea?

We do not recommend! If you feel fatigued, and sleep best at six in the evening, you are just observing the normal corollary of excitement. There is no need for life-saving drugs, at least if you drink energy for that reason, you should rather eat them. Its caffeine content of 100 milliliters is 30-40 milligrams, which is less than half of what a good quality espresso consumes with you. also the cost, in large numbers! Although caffeine is not a prohibited substance at the time of baby birth, it is advisable to keep it in the diet. One or two times a day is usually okay, especially if you gradually become accustomed to non-dairy consumption. Sugar overdose is much more damaging than caffeine, which is very effective, triggering and hydrating, and it also affects the fetus through passage. and one or two glasses of water! It is better to avoid caffeine-containing beverages and chocolate if you have high blood pressure or the possibility of toxemia. You can survive with healthy methods! Begin with a thorough, lean stretching, then continue with strolling, slow running, some yoga practice, and a little whirling dance. Fold up a glass of freshly pressed fruit or vegetable juice! And if you can, sleep as much as you want!


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